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Training is essential in ensuring high levels of animal welfare are maintained in both the biomedical and wildlife fields. Training must be completed before commencing work with animals. Principal Investigators are responsible for providing the AEEC with details on the training and experience of all staff and students working with animals under their approved protocols.

PLEASE NOTE: Face-to-face seminars (including ANML03) are not currently running due to campus closure and COVID restrictions. Please check the individual course webpages linked below for alternatives to face-to-face training or updates about the course.


Animal Ethics Seminar

This training seminar is mandatory for ALL personnel involved in work with research animals, including wildlife projects. This course is a co-requisite for all ANU Animal Handling courses. 

The course code is different for biomedical and wildlife:


Anaesthesia Training

As of September 2020 the requirements for training in the use of anaesthetics have been updated. You must complete all of the below prior to undertaking anaesthesia without supervision. This applies to both biomedical and wildlife researchers.

  • Complete four NC3Rs online theory modules (EU20, EU21-1, EU21-2, EU21-3) prior to completing practical training.
  • Complete APF course “Introduction to Anaesthesia” (ANML22). This must be followed by further practical training in your laboratory environment as per your approved protocol and under the supervision of trained competent individuals.
  • Prior to undertaking anaesthesia without supervision you must be assessed by one of the ANU veterinarians for competency. We recommend this is completed within 6 months of your introductory course and should be assessed in your own laboratory environment as per your ethics approved protocol.

Further information can be found in this document.


Biomedical Training

Depending on the nature of your work with animals, you may be required to complete some of the following training programs. Talk to your supervisor for advice on which requirements apply to you.


Wildlife Training

The ANU holds licenses to conduct field work involving animals in the following States and Territories: ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC, SA and WA. Please contact the ANU Animal Ethics Manager on 02 61254290 for information on license conditions.

Individuals must ensure they have obtained the relevant approvals and licensing to conduct field work at specific study sites. For example within National Parks, Nature Reserves, State Forests, Botanical Gardens and Private Property.

The AEEC requires investigators conducting studies that involve the capture and banding of bats or birds to complete appropriate training and hold the correct banding authority as required by the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme (ABBBS). For further information on training and levels of authority go to the ABBBS website or contact the ACT ABBBS regional organiser:

Mr Mark Clayton
ABBBS regional organiser
+61 2 6241 3620

The Animal Ethics Seminar (ANML40) must be completed prior to wildlife projects as stated above.

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