Sharps Safety with Animals (ANML05)

This course is running only on a case-by-case basis due to campus closure and COVID-19 restrictions. Contact for more info.


This course is available within Introduction to Mouse Care and Handling (ANML02), or as a standalone course (ANML05).

This training session is mandatory for all staff and students required to handle sharp objects within a laboratory environment, and mandatory for individuals performing injection techniques with GMOs. This course is a prerequisite to all training involving the use of sharps when working with live animals within the ANU.

Training must be completed before commencing work with animals. Principal Investigators are responsible for providing the AEEC with details on the training and experience of all staff and students working with animals under their approved protocols.

  • 1 hour practical session plus online notes and assessment 
  • Register by clicking the "Register Now" button (via the HORUS Training Catalogue).
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