ANU Veterinary Services

The Research Service Division Veterinary Services team are available to all ANU staff, students and researchers engaged in animal based research both lab-based and wildlife (including observation only studies).


Our Mission

Our mission is to champion the welfare of animals that contribute to the research undertaken at the ANU and support research excellence in the fields of biomedical and wildlife research in line with the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes.

We aim to achieve this by proactively engaging with the ANU research community, supporting the University in its vision for high-quality research activities. We will assist researchers with their efforts towards innovative research endeavours, striving for reproducibility, responsible research practices and with a drive for continual improvement.


Services Available

General Advice and Assistance

We work closely with academic and professional staff (including animal care technicians, management and research technicians), students and Chief Investigators) to help the University maintain high standards of animal care and management whilst achieving research excellence.

The topics that you may like to discuss with our team include:

  • Anaesthetic options and anaesthetic management
  • Analgesia/pain relief
  • Refinement
  • Reduction
  • Replacement
  • Skill development and training
    • Anaesthesia
    • Analgesia
    • Recognising pain and distress in animals
    • Wildlife handling and management
  • Identification methods
  • Writing, developing and implementing procedures in the laboratory
  • Technique improvement
  • Development of new techniques
  • Investigations of new species usage on campus
  • …and pretty much any other animal related question.

Pre-Approval Consultation

You may like to contact us in advance of preparing an animal ethics protocol, prior to accepting a position at ANU or as part of your ethical review process. You can request a meeting with the veterinary team or request advice by email or over the phone.

Post-Approval Consultation

Once you have an active protocol we are still available to work with you on refinement, reduction and replacement initiatives for your work as you work on variations to your protocol or issues as they arise.


Unexpected Adverse Events

Monitoring animals and reporting Unexpected Adverse Events is an important part of effective research practice. For reporting of Unexpected Adverse Events (UAEs) please refer to the ethics page at

If you are unsure if your report/event is considered a UAE please phone us to discuss so we can provide advice and positively engage to assist your research. Proactively discussing any concerns about your work with our team will ensure we can assist you to continue your research and improve the welfare outcomes for animals under your care.



Reporting of Ethical Concerns

If there is an imminent animal welfare concern, please contact the on call vet (02) 6125 1130

For queries or concerns on ethical practices at the ANU you are welcome to contact the Research Services Division directly. If you are concerned about any issues arising from the actions of other researchers at the ANU you should report these to the Director of Research Services.


Service Charges and Agreements

The veterinary service will not charge for advice or for veterinary time related to investigations for animal welfare purposes under current active, approved animal ethics protocols.

On occasion further work may be necessary or requested by you, including the submission of samples for analysis (e.g. pathology) the external costs incurred (including freight) will be passed on directly to the local area by means of a request for approval of journal transfer.

The veterinary services team may utilise some treatments or drugs when assisting animals under your protocol. For single, one off use these drugs will be provided by the veterinary team. For ongoing use and dispensing of drugs (doses or entire bottles) these will be on charged to the research group at cost.

The core responsibility of the veterinary services team is to provide training, advice and support for research programs and to support issues relating to animal welfare. Should you require ongoing veterinary involvement in your research please speak with the Senior Veterinarian on how we can support your needs or direct you to external service providers.


Commitment to Communication

Our aim is to ensure that you receive a response to any query within 48 hours. For emergency matters please contact us by phone on (02) 6125 1130. If we are unable to receive your call at that time please ensure you leave a message with a return number so we can call you back as soon as possible.

The veterinary team will handle all queries professionally and in accordance with the ANU Code of Conduct.


After Hours

The veterinary team are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on (02) 6125 1130. The majority of enquiries can be managed by providing advice over the phone to alleviate any immediate animal welfare concerns. It may be that the veterinarians will respond to emergency events or may advise you to take non-rodent species to a local veterinary clinic.  Please do not take animals to a local veterinary clinic without ANU veterinary approval unless this option has already been covered under your approved protocol.

If we are unable to receive your call and you reach the message bank please ensure that you leave a message with a return phone number so we can call you back as soon as possible. Please note that our number is an ANU desk number that is forwarded to the relevant veterinarian’s mobile phone and that the number you are dialling from may not be displayed for us to contact you if you do not leave an appropriate message.



For complaints regarding Veterinary Services or the Ethics process please contact the Director of the Research Services Division.

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