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Article Not just another PhD » Wellbeing
Article How to write & publish a research paper » Writing, Research communication
Article A brief guide to writing a literature review » Writing
Article Clarifying expectations » Relationship management
Article Publishing during the doctorate » Productivity, Research communication
Article Writing a conclusion » Writing
Article Fourteen steps to writing an effective discussion section » Writing
Article Written communication toolkit » Research communication, Writing
Article How to make positivity a habit: 4 simple steps to a happier everyday life » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article How to write a successful PhD in theology » Writing
Article Suggested steps for constructing a concept map » Productivity
Slideshow How to plagiarise (by mistake) » Writing
Article Publish papers. Your thesis means nothing » Research communication, Writing
Video Peer review in three minutes » Research communication
Video Literature reviews: an overview for graduate students » Writing
Video Working effectively with others » Research communication, Relationship management
Article How to find a good idea and do something with it » Productivity
Article Tools for success in graduate school and beyond » Research communication, Relationship management
Video Writing good responses to selection criteria » Research communication
Article PhD research proposal template » Writing
Article Step 2 of your literature review - organizing and screening » Writing
Article Twelve common errors: a student self-editing guide » Writing
Article A PhD literature review: tips on electronically organising your literature » Productivity
Article Common writing assignments: the book review » Writing, Reading
Article A brief guide to writing a literature review » Writing
Article Poster design and presentations » Research communication
Article The literature review » Writing
Article Literature review tips » Writing
Article Reviewing research articles » Writing, Reading
Article A guide to writing the dissertation literature review » Writing
Article Getting started on your literature review: a general guide for postgraduate students » Writing
Article Guide for writing thesis proposals » Writing
Article The seven deadly sins of writing » Writing
Article The 'standard' thesis structure » Writing
Slideshow Principles of academic writing » Writing
Slideshow Principles of academic writing in applied sciences » Writing
Article Ready to research » Writing, Reading
Slideshow Writing an academic book review » Writing, Reading
Article Authoring a PhD » Writing, Productivity
Article Thinking laterally about your dissertation » Writing, Productivity
Article Writing a book review » Writing
Article Conceptualising your research » Research communication
Article Research skills for students commencing a PhD or Masters by research » Productivity, Writing
Slideshow Writing your literature review » Writing
Slideshow Workshop: all about writing theses and dissertations » Writing, Productivity
Article Design: the key to writing (and advising) a one-draft PhD dissertation » Writing, Productivity
Article Writing the background chapters of your thesis » Writing
Article Kick-start your research » Productivity, Writing
Article Publishing research » Research communication, Writing
Article Research proposals and the research process » Writing
Article Academic writing in practice » Productivity, Writing
Article Writing your research question » Writing
Article Writing: a survival guide » Productivity, Writing
Article The habits of successful people: they start before they feel ready » Productivity
Article How to finish your dissertation when you really hate that shit » Writing, Productivity
Article To break open a tired writing project, do something, even if it's wrong » Writing, Productivity
Article Twenty tips for senior thesis writers (and other writers, too) » Productivity, Writing
Article Thirty tips for dissertation writing » Writing, Productivity
Article The daily routines of 7 famous entrepreneurs and how to design your own master routine » Productivity
Article How social media helped my PhD » Research communication
Article 20 tips for surviving your PhD » Wellbeing
Article PhD angst » Wellbeing
Article Writing tips: how to write an abstract/prospectus » Writing
Article How to write an abstract that will be accepted » Writing
Article How to write a research proposal » Writing
Book Key concepts for the insider-researcher » Writing
Article Efficient research & effective notetaking » Reading
Book Reading action research » Reading
Article Avoiding PhD burnout: a few handy tips » Wellbeing
Article The surprising history of the to-do list and how to design one that actually works » Productivity
Article A mental makeover for the graduate student » Productivity, Wellbeing
Slideshow Not enough time: a crash course in self-care and avoiding professional burnout » Wellbeing
Video How to get published: preparing your manuscript » Writing
Video How to get published: using proper manuscript language » Writing
Video How to get published: structuring an article » Writing
Book Introduction to action research » Writing, Research communication
Book Completing a professional practice dissertation: a guide for doctoral students and faculty » Writing
Book Reading ethnography » Reading
Article Rethinking the design of presentation slides: the assertion-evidence structure » Research communication
Article Academic integrity at Princeton » Writing
Article Avoiding plagiarism » Writing, Reading
Article Time management for graduate students » Productivity
Article Building your academic profile » Research communication
Article Successful transitions: beginning graduate studies » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article On the art of writing proposals » Writing, Research communication
Article Designing conference posters » Research communication
Article Art of grantsmanship » Writing
Article The holy grail: in pursuit of the dissertation proposal » Writing, Productivity
Article Wordiness, wordiness, wordiness list » Writing
Article Publishing advice for graduate students » Writing
Article Visual aid style guide: accuracy & readability » Research communication
Book Math review, vocabulary, and symbols » Writing, Reading
Book t test with independent samples and equal sample sizes » Reading, Writing
Video Some reflections on writing - especially dissertations » Writing, Research communication
Article The best strategy for reducing stress » Wellbeing
Book Conducting teacher action research » Writing, Research communication
Book Teacher action research: collaborative, participatory, and democratic inquiry » Writing, Research communication
Book Mode, median, and mean » Writing, Reading
Book Averages - central tendencies » Writing
Book Simplifying - groups and clusters » Reading, Writing