Statistical Software Packages

The Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) provides advice and assistance with different statistical software packages but does not supply statistical software. Please contact ANU ITS if you are an ANU staff member or student who wishes to acquire statistical software. 

The SCU supports and recommends the menu-driven statistical software packages GenStat, SAS, SPSS and Stata as well as the free package R.  You can contact SCU for advice on the choice of statistical software or your particular use. Researchers are encouraged to use the statistical package commonly used in their work area to facilitate peer support. Some statistical software packages includes:

  • R - Available for Windows and Mac. Freeware, may be installed without licensing, interface-driven alternatives are RStudio and RCommander.
  • Stata - Available for Windows. To purchase the software for yourself, please visit Software support is also available from this site.
  • GenStat - Available for Windows. To obtain GenStat for your computer, contact IT Help Desk at 5-4321. You may require supervisor permission.
  • SPSS - Available for Windows and Mac. Licences for staff and students may be ordered through the ANU IT Service Desk:
  • SAS - Available for Windows and Mac.