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About the SCU

The Statistical Consulting Unit is a research collaborative unit that specialises in statistical applications in academic research in the sciences and social sciences. The Unit was established in 1980 and has continued to build on its reputation for expert statistical advice in study design, data collection and data analysis across all disciplines.

Research collaboration is central to our role. The Statistical Consulting Unit is the most significant source of statistical advice in ANU, working with over 200 postgraduate students and academics each year. We have the technical expertise to keep abreast of the fast-evolving research methodologies in a data-driven research environment, across a broad range of disciplines. We consistently advocate for appropriate study designs for experiments and surveys, and provide advice in data management, exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling and data presentation. We offer short courses in statistics tailored to specific research areas.

We are also a centre of innovation in the application and development of statistical methods. Current consultants have published 73 articles in peer reviewed journals in the last five years, with outlets including Public Health Nutrition, Diversity and Distributions, the Annals of Applied Statistics and the International Statistical Review.

Consulting support is available, free of charge, to Honours students with research projects, Higher Degree Research students (e.g. Masters, PhD) and staff in all parts of the University.

Researchers and research students can get statistical advice through:


Directions to the SCU

The SCU has recently moved (on the 18th June 2018) from the John Dedman building (#27) to the new Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences Institute (Building #145).

The new Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences Institute (building #145) is located on University Avenue next to the engineering and psychology buildings.

From the pop-up village walk through Meville Hall, across Chifley Meadows and along the left side of chifley. Then cross a bridge over Sullivan's Creek which leads you to Sullivan's creek road. Turn right and follow sullivan's creek road. You will have Hancock Library on your left. Turn left up University Avenue and the new Computer Science/Mathematical Sciences Institute (building #145) will be located on the left of the pscyhology and engineering buildings. The SCU is located on the first floor (at ground level). Look for SCU signage.

There is a map to help you at the top of this webpage. Click on it to get a magnified version.


Support for Masters (Advanced) Students

The SCU will provide provisional support towards Masters (Advanced) students completing their research thesis this year.This includes the option to attend the SCU's short courses and book appointments for one-on-one consulting in 2018. Please note that the SCU may not be able to provide support to Masters (Advanced) students in 2019.


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