Statistical Consulting Unit

The Statistical Consulting Unit is a research collaborative unit that specialises in statistical applications in research.

The Unit is staffed by experienced practising statisticians who maintain regular contact with other statisticians at the ANU, CSIRO and elsewhere. Staff profiles are available below. We have expertise in experimental design, survey design, data management, statistical software packages, exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling and data presentation.

Consulting support is available, free of charge, to Honours students with research projects, Higher Degree Research students (e.g. Masters, PhD) and staff in all parts of the University.

Researchers and research students can get statistical advice through:

What do we do?

One on one consultations with research students and ANU staff offer:

  • advice on statistical aspects of the design of research studies
  • advice and assistance in data collection and handling, statistical modelling and the presentation of results
  • collaborative student and staff research
We also offer:
  • formal supervision of MPhil and PhD students
  • online courses designed to make researchers aware of modern statistical practice

Our teams & contacts


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Statistical Consulting Unit