Statistical Consulting Unit

Free CASS and CAP HDR Statistical Design Short Course 2018

The SCU is running a short course in statistical design for CASS and CAP HDR students from the 10th - 12th April, full day course. Please find out more information by contacting Nicole Armstrong at

Support for Masters (Advanced) Students

The SCU will provide provisional support towards Masters (Advanced) students completing their research thesis this year.This includes the option to attend the SCU's short courses and book appointments for one-on-one consulting in 2018. Please note that the SCU may not be able to provide support to Masters (Advanced) students in 2019.

About the SCU

The Statistical Consulting Unit is a research collaborative unit that specialises in statistical applications in research.

The Unit is staffed by experienced practising statisticians who maintain regular contact with other statisticians at the ANU, CSIRO and elsewhere. Staff profiles are available below. We have expertise in experimental design, survey design, data management, statistical software packages, exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling and data presentation.

Consulting support is available, free of charge, to Honours students with research projects, Higher Degree Research students (e.g. Masters, PhD) and staff in all parts of the University.

Researchers and research students can get statistical advice through:


What do we do?

One on one consultations with research students and ANU staff offer:

  • advice on statistical aspects of the design of research studies
  • advice and assistance in data collection and handling, statistical modelling and the presentation of results
  • collaborative student and staff research
We also offer:
  • formal supervision of MPhil and PhD students
  • online courses designed to make researchers aware of modern statistical practice

Directions to the SCU

With the Union rebuilding, to find us you will need to make your way to the pop-up village, head north through the archway, then through the next archway, down the ramp and the steps,  go left around the CBE building, turn left again (to the South) and straight ahead you will see a door to the John Dedman Building. Go in and up the stairs one floor and turn left. The SCU rooms are those immediately after this turn, except the SCU Office which is to the right instead at the top of the stairs.

Two maps to help you are located in the 'Analysis Paralysis' window at the top of this webpage. Click on them to get a magnified version.


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