SCU2 Introduction to Modelling


This is an online course offered by the SCU. In this course, we cover the following content:


  • Two numerical variables
    • Scatterplots 
    • Understanding relationships between variables 
    • Correlation between variables 
  • Simple linear regression
    • Linear relationship between two variables 
  • Nonlinear relationships
    • Non "straight line" relationships between variables 
  • Categorical variables
    • Variables that have categories (frequency tables and charts) 
    • Comparing the categorical data from different groups 
    • Distributions of two categorical variables 
    • Association between categorical variables 
  • Multiple linear regression
    • Linear relationship between one variable and other variables (one continuous and one categorical variables): same slope, different intercepts 
    • Linear relationship between one variable and more than one continuous variables 
    • Assumptions for linear regression 
  • Regression for binary categorical data (yes/no) response
    • Linear relationship between a binary (yes/no) response and continuous  or categorical variables 


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