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Article Interconnectedness, multiplexity and the global student: the role of blogging and micro blogging in opening students' horizons » Writing, Research communication
Article Why you gotta be so mean? » Writing
Article Feedback strategies when editing students’ writing: edit less and explain more » Research communication
Article Mind mapping learning skills » Productivity
Book Guidelines for writing and editing » Writing
Article 10 simple things you can do today that will make you happier, backed by science » Wellbeing
Article Write the thesis » Writing
Article Academic writing » Writing
Article 5 habits of highly effective communicators » Research communication
Article 6 powerful psychological effects that explain how our brains tick » Productivity
Article Scientific writing booklet » Writing
Slideshow The style and craft of academic writing » Writing
Article Overcoming writer's block » Productivity, Writing
Article The science of persuasion: how to get people to agree with you » Writing
Article Academic writing: a guide to tertiary level writing » Writing
Article How to write your first paper » Writing, Research communication
Article The 'big 5' and other ideas for presentations » Research communication
Article Design with a thousand faces: design-led methods for the social science research community » Writing
Article 10 reasons PhD students fail » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Identity-based habits: how to actually stick to your goals » Productivity
Article How to stop procrastinating on your goals by using the Seinfeld strategy » Productivity
Article Combining academia and activism: common obstacles and useful tools » Productivity, Research communication
Article 5 tips to improve your academic writing & a grammar infographic » Writing
Article How to write a PhD thesis » Writing, Productivity
Article For female scientists, there's no good time to have children » Productivity
Article Planning or writing a thesis » Writing, Productivity
Slideshow How theses get written: some cool tips » Writing, Productivity
Article 8 things you don't know are affecting our choices everyday: the science of decision making » Productivity
Article Postgraduate study skills in science, technology or mathematics » Productivity
Article Editing your thesis » Writing
Video Writing the thesis » Writing
Article Strategies for drafting & revising academic writing » Writing
Article Advice to future PhDs from two unusual graduating PhDs » Productivity
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: academic writing » Writing
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: preparing for the oral presentation » Research communication
Article Research proposal writing for Business, Social Sciences and Humanities » Writing
Slideshow How to write a good (no, great) PhD dissertation » Writing
Article Minimising the misery and pain: tips for completing a doctoral thesis » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article A simple guide to better focus and concentration: lessons from a lion tamer » Productivity
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: developing a publication plan » Writing, Relationship management
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: abstract writing » Writing
Article Getting published » Writing
Book Advice for finishing that damn PhD » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: the discussion and conclusion » Writing
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: building your case » Writing
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: writing about method and methodology » Writing
Article Thesis and exegesis writing for business, social sciences and humanities: literature review » Writing
Article Writing an abstract » Writing
Article Top 10 tips for surviving a PhD » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Writing a research proposal: a guide for science and engineering students » Writing
Article 22 tips to better care for introverts and extroverts » Wellbeing
Article Citation managers comparison » Writing, Reading
Article Presenting your research » Research communication
Article Managing graduate study » Productivity
Article Motivation and postgraduate study » Productivity
Article Working with a supervisor » Wellbeing, Relationship management
Article Completing your dissertation without tears » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Developing originality » Writing
Article All about academic posters » Research communication
Article A few things you’ve always wanted to know about academic publication but were too afraid to ask » Writing
Article What are doctoral supervisors for? A personal view » Relationship management
Article It is just a PhD! » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Supervision » Research communication
Article Publishing a journal article » Writing
Article Getting finished » Writing, Productivity
Article Advice I give to my PhD students » Research communication, Relationship management
Article How to stop procrastinating with the '2-minute rule' » Productivity
Article 18 tips and tools for managing email successfully » Productivity
Article How to write your PhD proposal: a step-by-step guide » Writing
Book The PhD grind » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article How to be a successful PhD student (in computer science) » Productivity
Article PhD survival guide: some brief advice for PhD students » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Guide for PhD students (and post-docs) aiming for a successful career in science » Productivity
Article Top 10 tips to succeed in your PhD » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article To make progress in thesis writing, ignore the footnotes » Writing, Productivity
Article Are you a science impostor? Self-Help PhD » Wellbeing
Article The bad supervision guide » Wellbeing
Article How to make positivity a habit: 4 simple steps to a happier everyday life » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article How to write a successful PhD in theology » Writing
Article Suggested steps for constructing a concept map » Productivity
Article Publishing during the doctorate » Productivity, Research communication
Article Clarifying expectations » Relationship management
Article Defining the research topic » Writing
Article Reading and writing » Writing, Reading
Article Writing the thesis » Writing, Productivity
Article Integrity and ethical practice in the conduct of research » Research communication
Article I did a PhD and did NOT go mad » Productivity, Wellbeing
Article Not just another PhD » Wellbeing
Article How to write & publish a research paper » Writing, Research communication
Article How to finish a PhD » Productivity
Slideshow How to plagiarise (by mistake) » Writing
Article Written communication toolkit » Research communication, Writing
Article Fourteen steps to writing an effective discussion section » Writing
Article Guidelines on writing a PhD proposal » Writing
Article How to get your literature review to write itself » Writing, Reading
Slideshow Writing the conclusion chapter for your thesis » Writing
Article Writing a PhD research proposal » Writing
Article Thesis by publication: some challenges » Research communication, Writing
Article Guidelines for writing a thesis or dissertation » Writing, Productivity
Article Writing your PhD thesis introduction » Writing