Timesheet approval cut-off calendar

Casual staff online timesheets January 2024



Period ID

Period start date(Monday) 

Period end date(Sunday)

Suggested employee

submission date

(Sunday - except where highlighted)*

Manager approval cut-off
(Wednesday - except

where highlighted)**

Anticipated pay day paid
T20240107 25-Dec-23 07-Jan-24 07-Jan-24 10-Jan-24 18-Jan-24
T20240121 08-Jan-24 21-Jan-24 21-Jan-24 24-Jan-24 01-Feb-24
T20240204 22-Jan-24 04-Feb-24 04-Feb-24 07-Feb-24 15-Feb-24
T20240218 05-Feb-24 18-Feb-24 18-Feb-24 21-Feb-24 29-Feb-24
T20240303 19-Feb-24 03-Mar-24 02-Mar-24 05-Mar-24 14-Mar-24
T20240317 04-Mar-24 17-Mar-24 17-Mar-24 20-Mar-24 28-Mar-24
T20240331 18-Mar-24 31-Mar-24 31-Mar-24 03-Apr-24 11-Apr-24
T20240414 01-Apr-24 14-Apr-24 14-Apr-24 17-Apr-24 25-Apr-24
T20240428 15-Apr-24 28-Apr-24 28-Apr-24 01-May-24 09-May-24
T20240512 29-Apr-24 12-May-24 12-May-24 15-May-24 23-May-24
T20240526 13-May-24 26-May-24 26-May-24 29-May-24 06-Jun-24
T20240609 27-May-24 09-Jun-24 09-Jun-24 12-Jun-24 20-Jun-24
T20240623 10-Jun-24 23-Jun-24 23-Jun-24 26-Jun-24 04-Jul-24
T20240707 24-Jun-24 07-Jul-24 07-Jul-24 10-Jul-24 18-Jul-24
T20240721 08-Jul-24 21-Jul-24 21-Jul-24 24-Jul-24 01-Aug-24
T20240804 22-Jul-24 04-Aug-24 04-Aug-24 07-Aug-24 15-Aug-24
T20240818 05-Aug-24 18-Aug-24 18-Aug-24 21-Aug-24 29-Aug-24
T20240901 19-Aug-24 01-Sep-24 01-Sep-24 04-Sep-24 12-Sep-24
T20240915 02-Sep-24 15-Sep-24 15-Sep-24 18-Sep-24 26-Sep-24
T20240929 16-Sep-24 29-Sep-24 28-Sep-24 01-Oct-24 10-Oct-24
T20241013 30-Sep-24 13-Oct-24 13-Oct-24 16-Oct-24 24-Oct-24
T20241027 14-Oct-24 27-Oct-24 27-Oct-24 30-Oct-24 07-Nov-24
T20241110 28-Oct-24 10-Nov-24 10-Nov-24 13-Nov-24 21-Nov-24
T20241124 11-Nov-24 24-Nov-24 24-Nov-24 27-Nov-24 05-Dec-24
T20241208 25-Nov-24 08-Dec-24 08-Dec-24 09-Dec-24 19-Dec-24
T20241222 09-Dec-24 22-Dec-24 15-Dec-24 16-Dec-24 02-Jan-25

* This is a suggested submission date only. Depending on your circumstances, you can submit your timesheet earlier or later than this date. Casual Sessional Academics should only submit their timesheet once they have recorded all units worked for the timesheet period. Professional Staff can either submit times for approval at the end of each day worked or at the end of the timesheet period.

** The Supervisor Approval cut-off dates are for the current timesheet period to ensure the timesheet is paid on the next pay day, if this is missed the approved timesheet will be paid on the following pay day.


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