Eduroam is a wireless network that allows visiting students, staff and academics to connect to, and access, a University's wireless network using their home university login.

Eduroam is available wherever you find ANU Secure. Usually the participating institution will allow you to open a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to your home institution.

Example login information for Eduroam:

Refer to links on the right to access Eduroam using your device.

Any ANU staff or student can use Eduroam when at a participating National or International Institution,.  You should not attempt to log onto the Eduroam network when at ANU.  Eduroam is not available to you at any ANU campus. 

To find a list of Participating Institutions click the link. 

Eduroam Support

After authentication, ANU plays no further role in an Eduroam connection. The available network resources are totally up to the remote institution. You should refer to the remote institution's IT support if you are having difficulties after connecting. For support and device configuration when visiting other Universities, please refer to the relevant guide for your personal device.