42. Other leave entitlements

42.1.  Staff members, except casual staff, may apply for the following leave subject to the eligibility criteria as outlined below.

Leave Type


Entitlement and accrual


War service

Professional staff members

Special credit of nine weeks sick leave at commencement

Staff who served full time overseas as a member of the Australian Defence Force in an operational area described in Sch.2 of the Veteran’s Entitlements Act 1986 during the specified period

Additional sick leave credit of 15 days per year with accrual up to maximum of 45 days

Defence service training

(Navy, Army or Air Force)

Staff member of the Australian Defence Reserve

Up to 20 days per year

The delegate may grant leave with pay upon provision of supporting evidence from the relevant authority for the specified time period.

Emergency service Staff member who is a member of a recognised emergency service authority, and engages in a voluntary emergency management activity.

Up to 20 days’ paid leave per year.

This entitlement is in addition to community service leave provided under the National Employment Standards.
The delegate may grant leave upon provision of supporting evidence from the relevant authority for the specified time period (can be upon return)

Jury and witness

Staff member summoned as a prospective juror or witness

Paid for the period necessary for attendance at court or before a relevant industrial /employment tribunal

The staff member must pay the University any fees received or alternatively take annual or long service leave or accrued flex credits to which they are entitled, and retain the fee

Leave without pay

The delegate may grant an application for leave without pay.

Leave without pay, including any form of unpaid parental/grandparental leave subject to under clauses 35, 37 or 41, does not break continuity of service but does not count for service for accrual of any leave or any other like purpose.

Where a staff member is on leave without pay on public holidays and/or during the University shutdown period, additional days leave will not be granted.


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