41. Grandparent leave

41.1. A staff member, other than a casual, with 12 months continuous service shall be entitled to 12 months grandparent leave to undertake the care of their grandchild in accordance with this clause. A fixed term staff member will not be entitled to grandparent leave beyond the expiry of their contract.

41.2. A grandparent is the parent of one of the parents of a child requiring care for which the grandparent leave is sought, whether by marriage, de facto relationship, adoption, guardianship or same sex relationships.

41.3. The grandchild is the natural or the adopted child of the staff member’s child or their partner’s child, arising out of a marriage, a de facto relationship, same sex couple relationship or as a single parent.

41.4. When making an application for leave the supervisor may request proof that the child is the grandchild of the staff member.

41.5. Grandparent leave will:

    1. normally be taken in a single block;
    2. not be unreasonably refused by the supervisor;
    3. be taken as leave without pay and will not break the staff member’s service with the University nor will the staff member accrue any entitlements during this period of approved absence; and
    4. be approved following the staff member having made application to utilise available annual leave or long service accruals.

    41.6. Taking a period of annual leave or long service leave does not prevent a staff member applying for and having grandparent leave granted.

    41.7. Where practicable a staff member shall advise the University in writing ten weeks’ prior to commencing unpaid grandparent leave of the dates of the leave to be taken. If the scheduled return date changes, the staff member will provide four weeks’ notice of the date of return.

    41.8. A staff member will be entitled to return from grandparent leave to their substantive position or an agreed alternative position. A request for return to part time hours will not be unreasonably refused.

    41.9. If returning from leave on a part time basis, a flexible work arrangement will be entered into between the staff member and the University (clause 45).


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