32. Leave provisions

32.1. The University will provide a family friendly work environment, with flexible leave arrangements which allow fair and reasonable access to paid and unpaid leave for a range of purposes to support personal needs of staff and the operational requirements of the University. For all leave types contained in this Agreement, further explanatory information, including details on how to apply for the leave, can be found in the University’s relevant leave procedure. An outline of the various leave types is provided in the following clauses.

32.2. All paid leave counts as service for all purposes.

32.3. A part time staff member is entitled to the same leave entitlements as a full time staff member in an equivalent position, except that leave will be paid on a pro rata basis.

32.4. All leave will be taken at a time mutually agreed by the staff member and supervisor, having regard to the operational requirements of the area and the particular needs of the staff member, except where this Agreement specifically provides otherwise or where personal circumstances arise, the nature of which would make it unreasonable for the University to prevent the staff member from taking the leave.

32.5. If, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, a staff member takes leave at half pay, their leave accruals and superannuation contributions during the period of leave at half pay will be on a pro rata basis unless otherwise stated in this Agreement.


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