28. Shift work

28.1. A shift worker is a professional staff member who is required by the University to work on a regularly rostered basis outside the ordinary span of hours as defined in clause 18 (Ordinary hours of work for professional staff).

28.2. The normal hours of work of a staff member engaged as a shift worker must not exceed 35 per week, or 38 per week for a staff member employed in the Hospitality stream, when averaged over a cycle of shifts.

28.3. For the purpose of the NES, a shift worker is a professional staff member who works permanent rotating shifts in accordance with clause 28.

    General application of shift work

    28.4. Where shift work is required, the University will provide a shift work roster, which will include the days and times the staff member is required to work.  Rostered times must not be changed by the University unless a minimum seven days’ notice is given to the staff member concerned.

    28.5. In circumstances beyond the control of the University, the shifts on a roster may be changed with 72 hours' notice or by mutual consent between a staff member and supervisor.

    28.6. Places in a shift roster may be interchanged by mutual agreement between the staff members concerned and the supervisor.

    28.7. Where less than seven days’ notice has been given and a staff member is required to work on a rostered day off, the staff member will be paid overtime for the time worked on that day.

    28.8. Where a casual professional shift worker works outside the span of hours (clause 18), they will be entitled to the shift penalty rates in accordance with clause 28.12.

    28.9. Time worked by a shift worker outside the rostered hours of work for a shift on any day will be paid at overtime rates, subject to the provisions under clause 27.

    28.10. A shift worker who works overtime will be paid the eligible overtime rate prescribed in clause 27.6. The overtime rate will be in substitution for, and not cumulative upon shift penalties rates, for the overtime hours worked.

    28.11. Where a staff member is performing shift work during the daylight savings changeover from standard time to summer time or the reverse, the staff member will be paid for the full shift, no more and no less.

      Shift penalty rates

      28.12. Subject to clauses 28.9 – 28.11, a staff member who works shift work will be entitled to shift penalty rates in accordance with the following table:


        Rate (% of the hourly rate applicable to the appropriate ANU Officer Level)

        Staff other than casual Casual staff*

        Staff other than hospitality,

        Monday to Friday

        Morning shift starts at/after 4:00am and before 6:00am but finishes no later than midday 


        Afternoon shift finish after 6:00pm (or 7:30pm for cleaners & security staff) but no later than midnight 


        Night shift that finishes after midnight but no later than 8:00am  130% 155%

        Hospitality staff,

        Monday to Friday

        Shift commences before 6:30am or finishes after 7:30pm   115% 140%
        Shift where staff members are regularly rostered** for at least 6 hours duty after 10:30pm or are regularly rostered to commence shifts at or before 4:00am  130% 155%
        Saturday  150% 175%
        Sunday 200% 200%
        Public holiday  250% 250%

        *These rates are inclusive of and not additional to the casual loading referred to in clause 14.9.

        **The term ‘regularly rostered’ applies to the situation where a staff member does not rotate or alternate with other employees on day work so as to give at least a third of the staff member’s working time off night shift.

        28.13. A shift worker who is on annual leave will, for the period of the leave, continue to be paid the shift penalty rates that they would normally receive.

        28.14. Except for those on annualised shift allowances, a shift worker who is on personal leave or long service leave will be paid ordinary hours and not the shift penalty rates which they normally receive.

        28.15. A shift worker will be paid at the ordinary time rate, exclusive of penalty rates, for a public holiday which falls on a day that they would have regularly been rostered, except that they would be paid at the public holiday rate for time actually worked on that day.

          Annualised shift allowance

          28.16. The delegate may approve payment of an annualised shift allowance to compensate for all shifts worked in lieu of the shift penalty payments prescribed in clause 28.12. For staff members at Senior Manager Grade 1 or above, the delegate will be the Chief People Officer.

          28.17. Payment of an annualised shift allowance will not reduce the entitlements that the staff member would otherwise have received through the normal calculation of shift penalty payments when averaged over a year. If agreement cannot be reached, the provisions of this clause will apply (clause 28).

            Part-time library shift workers

            28.18. A part-time library shift worker will be paid the following rates in substitution of those set out in clause 28.12 when required to perform any shift work outside the normal span of hours so defined:

              1. 115% for any shift worked Monday to Friday;
              2. 125% for shift work performed on Saturday;
              3. 150% for shift work performed on a Sunday; and
              4. 250% for a public holiday.

              28.19. No payment will be applicable where a staff member would normally have been rostered to work on a public holiday or University closure date that falls during the University closedown period (clause 44) and the staff member is not required to work.


                A trainee will not work shift work unless such shift work makes provision for approved training.


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