31. Recovery of overpayments

31.1. Where a staff member has been provided with payment and/or monetary entitlements to which the staff member was not entitled (including salary, leave, travel payment and/or other amount payable under this Agreement), this represents an overpayment which the University will seek to recover from the staff member in accordance with these provisions.

31.2. The University will inform the staff member as soon as practicable of any overpayment and provide written details of the overpayment, and the options available for repayment.

31.3. Recovery of an overpayment will not occur without written authority from the staff member. Where possible a staff member should settle the amount in the next pay, in full, however, by reason of hardship or the scale of the overpayment, the University will consider a repayment schedule to assist the staff member.

31.4. Where the staff member seeks to review the amount of the overpayment or recovery arrangements, discussions should occur between the Division of Shared Services and the staff member. Staff are able to involve a union or staff representative in these discussions.


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