25. Superannuation

25.1.  The University will maintain employer superannuation contributions in respect of each staff member as follows:

  1. for all staff other than casual staff, at the rate of 17% of salary prescribed in the salary schedules of this Agreement; and
  2. for casual staff, effective from the commencement date of this agreement at the rate of 12.5%, or the minimum required contribution under the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (“the SGA Act”), whichever is greater.

25.2.  The salary upon which contributions are calculated shall be no less than as required under the definition of salary in the UniSuper Trust Deed.

25.3.  Where a staff member salary sacrifices, the employer contribution will be based on the staff member’s pre-sacrificed salary (as applicable).

25.4.  All superannuation contributions must be made to a complying fund as required by the SGA Act, and unless otherwise required by law, will be to UniSuper (the default fund).

25.5.  If a commencing staff member does not nominate a superannuation fund:

  1. the University will make the contributions into the staff member’s stapled superannuation fund as advised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO); and
  2. if the ATO advises the University that a staff member does not have a stapled superannuation fund, the University will open a UniSuper account on the employee’s behalf and make contributions into that account.

25.6.  Staff members engaged at the date of the commencement of this Agreement will be entitled to choose their superannuation fund in accordance with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Your Superannuation Your Choice) Act 2020 (Cth).

25.7.  The University may exercise its options under the UniSuper Deed of Covenant for flexibility in contribution level.

25.8.  The University will maintain employer superannuation contributions to the Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) and the Public Service Superannuation Scheme (PSS) for all eligible current staff who are pre-existing ANU members of these Schemes, whilst they continue to be entitled to superannuation contributions under these Schemes

25.9.  A staff member of the UniSuper Defined Benefit Division may apply to the University to make payments to UniSuper to cover their member contributions and the employer contributions (which does not include the 3% productivity payment) for periods of authorised leave without pay, on the basis that the contributions are funded by the staff member.

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