29. Higher duties allowance (HDA)

29.1. A higher duties allowance (HDA) is payable when a professional staff member is temporarily requested to perform all or some of the duties that normally form part of a higher-level position.

29.2. All higher duties arrangements are subject to agreement between the staff member and supervisor.

    Higher duties allowance duration

    29.3. The minimum qualifying period where a HDA is payable is:

      1. a period greater than two consecutive working days for a higher level position that has a classification up to ANU Officer Level 7; and
      2. a period greater than one working week for a higher level position that has a classification of ANU Officer Level 8 or above.

      29.4. In normal circumstances, a HDA will only be approved for a total period up to three months (including any extensions). Where the total HDA period is greater than three months, consideration should be given to filling the position either as a temporary transfer or on an ongoing basis.

      29.5. Where a staff member performs higher duties for a period of between one half of a day and one full day, the period of higher duties will be regarded as a full day for the purposes of payment of the allowance.

        Higher duties allowance rate

        29.6. The HDA payable will:

          1. normally be calculated as the difference between the staff member’s substantive ANU Officer Level and incremental step and the base salary rate of the ANU Officer level at which the higher duties are being undertaken; or
          2. be a fixed amount approved by the delegate for the period of higher duties, provided that amount is not less than the amount to which the staff member would be entitled under clause 29.6 (a); or
          3. be paid at an appropriate percentage of the allowance specified in clause 29.6 (a) when a staff member performs only part of the duties of a more senior staff member, which will be discussed and agreed prior to the HDA arrangement commencing.

          29.7. HDA will not be payable within a broadband.

            Other terms and conditions for higher duties allowance

            29.8. The workload of a staff member undertaking higher duties will be reasonable and appropriate, and subject to the workload provisions of this Agreement (clause 52).

            29.9. The following HDA arrangements will be subject to approval from the Chief People Officer:

              1. the total duration is greater than three months; and/or
              2. the higher level position is greater than two classification levels beyond a staff member’s substantive classification.


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