Parking fees and infringement penalties

COVID-19 parking arrangements - ANU Acton Campus

The ANU Acton campus parking arrangements have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is to maintain the safety and wellbeing of administration staff and to support the ANU community across the Acton campus.

Parking office reception

The parking office reception in the Anthony Low building is closed. Individuals can still contact the parking office Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm by:

   Telephone: +2 6125 0179

Parking permit cancellations – including parking station and resident parking

All staff and students are able to cancel their permits by logging into the system. The option to cancel your permit is an individual choice – many individuals are electing to keep their existing permit.

If you cancel your permit, all staff and students who have residential, parking station or surface permits will be guaranteed the same permit when the University returns 30 June 2020. This guarantee will last for four weeks (28 July 2020). More information with details for how to renew your permit will be emailed closer to the re-opening date. Requests to reinstate your permit after 28 July 2020 cannot be guaranteed.

Payments, refunds and infringements

If you have cancelled your permit, refunds are being processed as a priority – please contact the Parking Office for assistance. Individuals who cancel their permit may also choose to keep their refund balance within the parking system to use for a new permit when the university re-opens.

Infringements are still being processed. Applications for infringement withdrawal, dispute liability and extensions of time to pay are still able to be processed through the applicable e-form or by email to

Parking infringement notices are not being issued in permit zones as long as vehicles are parked legally within these zones.

Parking infringements will still apply on a limited basis for: 

  1.  Unsafe parking areas i.e. blocking emergency access routes
  2.  Yellow edge lines
  3.  Disability bays
  4.  No stopping areas
  5.  No parking and time limited
  6.  Non-authorised vehicles in registration specific bladed bays
  7.  Areas that have a designed ‘pay and display’ machine

For further clarity on the above items, individuals can still contact the parking office Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm by:

  Telephone: +2 6125 0179

The parking office will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Yearly, monthly (Permits are available for a minimum of three (3) months) and payroll deduction fees for 2020.

2020 Parking fees and infringement penalties

Type of permit   Yearly rate Daily rate
90 days Payroll deduction
GST incl GST incl GST incl Post
Surface permit

Staff permit

$883.26 $2.42 $217.80 $33.96 $30.78

Authorised permits (includes visitor spaces)

$2,626.27 $7.20   $100.68 $91.53

Authorised designated permits
(includes bladed pool vehicles)

$2,626.27 $7.20      

Student permit

$441.63 $1.21 $108.90    

Resident permits

$441.63 $1.21 $108.90    

Honorary staff permit


Motorbike parking in designated motorbike spaces

Conference permit   $12.14      
Parking stations Staff permit - not dedicated $2,626.27 $7.20 $648.00 $100.68 $91.53
Honorary staff permit - not dedicated $1,313.13 $3.60 $324.00    
Student permit - not dedicated $1,969.70 $5.40 $486.00    
Motorbike parking in designated motorbike spaces $118.26 $0.32      
Disabled In designated disabled parking spots $0        
Pay and display 0-1 hours $2.90        
1-2 hours $6.00        
2-3 hours $10.30        
  All day N/A        
Pay as you go (CellOpark) Staff and students          
Per hour $2.19        
All day $15.70        
Per hour $2.85        
All day $25.63        

Infringement Notice Penalties

Code Infringement Penalty
216 Parking continously for longer than permitted $123.00
211 Not parking wholly within parking bay $123.00
212 Use more parking bays than necessary $123.00
206 Park so as to obstruct vehicles/pedestrians $123.00
201 Stop in permit parking zone (no valid permit) $123.00
217 Park after ticket expired $123.00
218 Park without current/equivalent ticket $123.00
205 Stopping on a path/nature strip or land that is not a road $123.00
207 Not parallel park in direction of travel $123.00
200 Not park at specified angle $123.00
214 Disobey No Parking sign $123.00
221 Disobey motorbike parking sign $123.00
236 Disobey bicycle parking sign $123.00
233 Stop in a shared zone $123.00
231 Stop on a painted island $123.00
227 Interfere with parking permit $123.00
223 Rider not wearing bicycle helmet/fitted/fastened $153.00
222 Disobey no bicycle sign $153.00
224 Ride bicycle without visible front white light $153.00
225 Ride bicycle without visible rear red light $153.00
226 Ride bicycle without visible red reflector $153.00
237 Person on personal mobility device not wearing helmet $153.00
208 Stop in loading zone longer than 30 minutes $166.00
209 Stop in loading zone (not loading or unloading) $166.00
210 Stop in loading zone lonter than indicated $166.00
203 Stop in a bus zone $166.00
232 Stop in a bicycle lane $231.00
219 Stop at side of road with continuous yellow edge line $276.00
215 Disobey No Stopping sign $276.00
220 Stop on area marked with Keep Clear markings $297.00
234 Drive contrary to direction of traffic lane arrow $297.00
235 Disobey one way sign $297.00
213 Disobey no entry sign $297.00
202 Stop on/near pedestrian crossing $415.00
229 Display changed/damaged/defaced parking ticket $615.00
228 Display thing falsely resembling parking ticket $615.00
204 Parked in a parking area for disabled $615.00
230 Interfere with ticket machine $675.00

Infringement penalties are set out in the Road Transport (Offences) Regulation 2005 (ACT) currently in force.