Safety & Security FAQ

Do I need to wear a helmet on campus?

It is against the law to ride a bike anywhere in the ACT without a helmet - you could be fined by ACT Policing if you are found riding a bike or scooter without a helmet.

I have lost/found something on campus. What should I do?

The Lost and Found Office is located in the Anthony Low Building (124), entrance from Garran Road. It is open between 9.00 am - 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Their contact is 6125 2249, or email

How can I make my office more secure?

Locking your office windows and doors when you are not in the office, in particular overnight, and closing your blinds/curtains will help your office security. These actions can greatly decrease the likelihood of you becoming a victim of opportunistic theft. Do not leave valuable items unattended.

What do I do if a fire alarm goes off?

Follow the directions of fire wardens and evacuate the building as directed. 'If in doubt get out'. If there is smoke in the building, 'get down low and go! Go! Go!

More information can be found on Fire Safety.

What is the 'lighted path map'?

The lighted path map (see Maps and way finding page) is by Facilities and Services Division. It identifies the best lit walking paths around campus at night. Printed campus maps are available from ANU Security.

Does the University provide details of criminal activity that occurs on Campus?

The University reports on these matters in a number of ways. Reports are submitted to the UniSafe Committee and information is included in the Facilities & Services annual Risk Management Report. This information is released in a statistical format and not on a case specific or personal basis to protect the privacy of individuals.

Is it true that the Police cannot come onto campus?

The Police are always available and willing to assist in public and personal safety matters. Police can come onto campus and enforce any breaches of the law including driving offences, drug offences and offences against persons. There is no special treatment or considerations given to ANU staff or students.

What can I do if I feel unsafe walking on the campus?

There are several options. You can request a Unisafe escort (02 6125 2249), or you can try to walk with a friend, or a group, especially at night. The ANUOK app also has the virtual and walk home with a friend options.

Where are the Emergency Call Points?

The Acton campus is equipped with emergency call points and can be found on the Maps and way finding page under Safety & Security.