Contractors & consultants

All contractors and consultants working on ANU sites, must meet all applicable regulatory health, safety and environmental obligations. Contractors must familiarise themselves with the F&S website and the information, policies, guideline and procedures it contains.

Campus & Building Requirements Manual

The Facilities and Services Division is responsible for providing a physical environment at the ANU which supports teaching, learning and research goals through comprehensive facilities management. The Division is responsible for managing ANU facilities (buildings, grounds and infrastructure) to the relevant Australian Laws, Standards, and Codes of Practice within an allocated budget. Facilities and Services are responsible for establishing a safe study and working environment for students, staff and all users of ANU campuses.

The Division manages the development and construction of new buildings and other infrastructure, refurbishments or demolitions of existing buildings, as well as statutory, preventative and corrective maintenance across ANU campuses. A key goal is efficiency of building operation to reduce life cycle costs.

The building stock is being continually renewed or developed. A consistent approach to the management of ANU campuses and facilities is required to ensure efficiencies of scale and ease of maintenance are able to be realised.

Service providers; consultants, construction or maintenance contractors; need confidence that they can provide goods or services to the ANU requirements. The Campus and Buildings Requirements Manual (CBRM) has been developed for this purpose. The CBRM is a dynamic document which through its use will be continually improved. Australian Standards and the National Construction Code provide the basis for design and construction work at the ANU. However there are processes and requirements above these codes necessary to ensure a consistency in approach to the delivery and maintenance of ANU Campuses, facilities, infrastructure and grounds. Staff within the ANU involved in project coordination, provision of engineering and technical services, or maintenance services need to be aware of the requirements to allow consistency to be achieved.