ANU cabling specifications

The ANU Cabling Specifications covers the installation, maintenance and removal of the structured cabling system for the ANU. The work includes the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, removal and certification of an integrated structured cabling system to conform to the approved system.

Computer cablingis also gradually being standardised to follow the UTP and associated colour schemes. Length of UTP cabling should also be standardised and communications cabinets that contain cable management, must have UTP cabling routed through the cable management.

Standardised colour cabling

Computer cabling is gradually being standardised using the following UTP's (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and associated colour schemes:

Cable colour Description
Red UTP Represents Uplinks (Crossover cables).
Yellow UTP Represents Campus Services (For example Cardax and BMS. May also be an uplink) or Analog Voice Links. (Please note, red and yellow UTP cabling is only to be patched by Networks and Communications (NetComms) and approved contractors).
Blue UTP Represents Local cabling. Blue UTP cabling may be patched by LITSS.
Green UTP Represents cabinets that have switch infrastructure (switching technologies are crucial to network design, as they allow traffic to be sent only where it is needed in most cases, using fast, hardware-based methods) that is shared between two business areas. Green UTP's are also used where one area uses green cabling and the other area uses blue cabling. E.g. cabinets containing ITS IC (Information Commons) Lab switches. The use of green UTP cabling is the decision of the business area that uses the switch hardware in the cabinet. ITS IC patches will typically be green.
Pink LC-LC Represents Fibre Data Centre use only.

Communication cabinets that have been upgraded to this standard will contain a sticker on the inside of the cabinet door. This colour coding has many advantages, which are listed in the following Standard Cabinet Configuration Signage document.

Length of UTP cabling

UTP cabling is to be between one to two metres within all communications cabinets. Longer length cabling leads to "rats nests" and difficulty in tracing patches.

Short cabling leads to difficulties in installing and/or replacing equipment in a rack, as the short cables must be un-patched and re-patched, leading to outages.

ITS Networks and Communications supplies, as well as patch cables, are free and available for all communications cabinets across campus.

Cable management

Communications cabinets that contain cable management, especially the upgraded cabinets containing "deep" cable management, must have the UTP cabling routed through the cable management.

ITS Networks and Communications can give advice and training on use of cable management within communications cabinets via the Service desk.