Hazardous materials

The Australian National University is committed to safe and responsible management of hazardous materials (Hazmat). Buildings across the Acton and Mt Stromlo campuses are inspected for hazardous materials as required by ANU Hazardous Materials Management Manual and applicable legal and policy requirements, and each building has a register publicly available. The registers can be searched via building number.

In addition to day-to-day maintenance works, a HAZMAT Program that includes reinspecting certain buildings is currently underway. Further to this, capital works projects, such as Union Court and Pauline Griffin/RSSS, also include the removal of hazardous materials as a first stage of demolition.

What can you do

If you suspect you have found a hazardous materials notify the Facilities and Services Maintenance Team immediately on 6125 7943. The team will attend site and determine an appropriate course of action. Afterhours please contact ANU Security on 6125 2249.

Please refer to WEG for further guidance.