World Day for Safety and Health at Work

24 April 2023

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April aims to raise awareness of the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally, and the responsibility of governments, employers, and workers to ensure a safe and healthy working environment through laws, infrastructure, and participation in preventive measures. 

At ANU we prioritise and value the safety and wellbeing of our staff, with a focus on ensuring a healthy and inclusive work environment. Maintaining your health and wellness and supporting the health and wellness of those around you, is an important part of our daily life on campus.  

To mark this day the Work Environment Group/Work Health and Safety Team (from within the People and Culture Division (formerly known as the Human Resources Division)) compiled a checklist to ensure you and your team can work safely at ANU.  


New work health and safety regulations for identifying and managing workplace psychosocial risks and hazards 

New regulations, including rules to identify and manage things that could stress or harm to employees’ mental health came into effect in the Commonwealth jurisdiction on 1 April 2023. The new regulations explain what terms like "psychosocial hazard" and "psychosocial risk" mean and tell businesses what they should do to make sure workers are safe.  

The University has a chapter in the safety guide about managing these risks, which you can find online. The University’s WHS Management System Chapter 3.15 Psychosocial Risk Management chapter is available at link here. 

The University’s WHS Management System Chapter 3.15 Psychosocial Risk Management chapter is available at link here. 

A psychosocial hazard refers to a hazard that may result from or be related to: work design or management, the work environment, workplace equipment, or interpersonal interactions or behaviours in the workplace. This type of hazard may lead to psychological harm, regardless of whether it also poses a risk of physical harm. A psychosocial risk is a risk to the health or safety of a worker or other person arising from a psychosocial hazard. 

Free flu vaccinations  

To help maintain health and wellbeing during influenza season, ANU offers free flu shots for all staff. Staff can receive their vaccination on campus at the ANU Medical Centre or Pharmacy, or off campus at any Terry White Chemist using their voucher code via HORUS.  

Staff are also encouraged to have their COVID vaccine boosters if eligible to do so.  

Logging Incidents on Figtree 

Are you familiar with the ANU workplace safety incident and hazard reporting tool, Figtree?  
If you witness or are involved in an incident on campus, you can log the incident on Figtree.  The incident log is triaged by the Work Environment Group WHS Team, and if an injury is involved further support is provided by the Injury Management team. 

Mental Health First Aid refresher 

Staff who are claiming thefirst aid allowanceare required to have current accreditation in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). Did you complete your MHFA course in 2020 or before?  There is a MHFA Refresher course coming up on 3 May 2023.  If you are unsure of your MHFA expiry, login to your MHFA account here to check your accreditation expiry date and access your certificate of accreditation.  You can register for our upcoming MHFA courses here.

Occupational Strains Liaison Officer Network  

Have you had a workstation assessment with the Occupational Strains Liaison Officer (OSLO) team?  ANU have a trained team of volunteers to assist you with your workstation set up.  Contact the WHS representative in your division/school to identify your local OSLO trained volunteer and book an assessment.  If you have a previous injury or are recently injured and would like a workstation assessment, please contact 


For more information on WHS at ANU visit their website. 

Contact the Work Health and Safety team via