Figtree workplace safety incident & hazard reporting tool

Business owner: Work Environment Group (WEG)

The University's new workplace safety incident and hazard reporting tool, Figtree, is now live!

Figtree is the ANU workplace safety incident and hazard reporting tool and assists ANU to better manage risk, reduce incidents and provide better assistance to injured workers by:

  • creating return to work plans
  • proactively identifying hazards
  • facilitating automated communication through notifications and workflow; and 
  • easily identifying trends through dashboards and standard reports.

Figtree benefits for staff

  • Complete an incident or near miss from a desktop, laptop or mobile phone device.
  • Capture key information (including GPS location and photographs) in an offline capacity and sync in with database when reconnected to the internet.
  • With the integration of Google Maps and mobile devices, users can visually identify any areas of concern on a dashboard heat map without having to produce and analyse reports.