ANU internal telephone directory service

The university maintains an internal web directory.  It is up to you to make sure your details are correct.  You can make changes or additions to the web directory by logging a request on the Service Desk and include the following information;

  • Extension number
  • Uni ID
  • Salutation 
  • First name(s) 
  • Last name 
  • Position Title 
  • Department
  • School 
  • Building name 
  • Building Number 

ANU telephone directory - search help

The Staff directory searches all entries in the ANU telephone directory and also the person's email alias if it is accessible.

The below tips will help you successfully search the ANU telephone directory.

  • Search either by first name, last name or part of either first/last name-eg d smith, smith d, dav smith. Middle initials are not used for searching
  • Searches are case insensitive-smith, SMITH and smITh are all identical.
  • Searches match the beginning of words-eg john matches john, johnston, johnson but not miklejohn.
  • The * character matches multiple characters-*kin would match aitkin, jenkin
  • All searches add '*' to the end of each word in the search, e.g. d smith is treated as d* smith*.
  • Do not use special characters-eg #@,.?f-only *.
  • Items are sorted by first name within last name.
  • If one or two items are returned from the search, the full contact information is displayed. If more than two items are returned, then only one line of information per person is returned.