How to reconnect to applications after a password reset

After resetting your Identity password you may be required to re-autheticate with applications.


After restarting your PC, Outlook will prompt you to update your password. If you have any functional accounts connected to your email it will ask you to authenticate to these.

  1. When prompted make sure you change the address name to your (not
  2. Type in your your new Identity password.
  3. Check the remember password box.

Outlook may prompt you to do this several times for each account as it authenticates with multiple servers.

Outlook app for mobile devices

If the outlook app does not accept your password, delete the app and reinstall it using your (make sure you do not include uds in the address) and your new Identity password.

Microsoft Teams or OneDrive

After you have reset your password, restart your device so the password can replicate with the servers. This should allow you to enter the new password and access the applications.