Identity Manager

Business owner: Information Technology Services


All ANU staff, students and affiliates will need to change their passwords by 31 July 2018. Please follow the instructions provided on this page to reset your password now.


Identity Manager is an online service where you can change your account information or reset your password to a secure password or passphrase.

Your identity password is your main password for accessing UDS, Horus, ISIS, and Email. Please note, other applications are also connected to this password and may need reconnecting after any changes are made to the identity password.

Identity Manager also lets you set answers to various authentication questions that you will be required to answer when you login to Identity Manager if you have forgotten your password or passphrase.

Logging in

  1. Navigate to


  1. Enter your login information
    • User ID: Your University ID (e.g. u1234567)
    • Password: Identity password


Note: Internet Explorer 11 is currently not supported, please use a different version, or web browser.

Note: The first time you login to ANU Identity you will be asked to change your password and set your challenge questions - this is mandatory and access to the system will not be granted until this is completed. You must answer all five challenge questions, and the answers to your challenge questions must be longer than three characters.