Casual Academic timesheets FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions that have been collated throughout the development and testing of the automated Casual Academic Timesheet solution.

What advice should I give academics?

Local HR Areas are encouraged to work with local Academic Supervisors to remind them of their responsibilities in relation to the approval of timesheets prior to the cut-off date, and assist them in learning how to approve the timesheets online.

I have added a new T-Code to a CSA's contract, will they be able to see the new T code?  

Any additions made to a CSA's contract will be automatically visible by the academic via HORUS from the effective date of the change.  Any deletions to a contract however, will not be reflected in the timesheet until the following timesheet cycle, and they will still be able to see the deleted code/s.

The CSA upload is not working?

Please refer to the CSA upload guide for troubleshooting advice.

How will staff know if their timesheet has been approved?

Staff members will receive an automated email when the timesheet has been approved by the supervisor.

I am trying to fill out my timesheet, but when I login into HORUS, it says that "contract data doesn't exist, please contact your local administrator", but I have a contract?

You have an active Employment record within the system, however, your local HR area has not yet uploaded your contract data into the system which creates your timesheets.  Once they have uploaded your contract, you will be able to view and edit your timesheet information.

Can supervisors send timesheets back to staff?

Yes. If the supervisor is not happy with the information submitted in the timesheet they can send it back to the staff member for amendments to be made.

What do I enter in the units column of the timesheet?

The units entered correspond with Schedule 2 of the ANU Enterprise Agreement, and depend on the nature of the work being performed.

For example, if one lecture was delivered in the fortnight, only 1 unit should be entered (this will automatically include payment for the 1 hour of delivery and 2 hours associated working time). However, if 3 hours of marking were performed, 3 units should be entered.

If the element is 116 - CSA Lump Sum, the units entered must correspond with a pre-determined dollar figure, to be acquitted each timesheet period.

When can I submit my timesheet for approval?

It is important that once you have recorded all units worked for the timesheet period, you submit your timesheet for approval as soon as possible to ensure that your supervisor can approve it in a timely manner.

The system will allow you to submit timesheets for the current and previous timesheet periods.

For a list of the timesheet fortnights and approval cut-off dates, please click the following link:

Note: The Suggested Employee Submission Date mentioned in the above Timesheet Approval Cut-off Calendar is a suggested submission date only. Depending on your circumstances, you can submit your timesheet earlier or later than this date (subject to having recorded all units worked for the timesheet period).

Do budget amounts include on-costs?

Budget amounts quoted in the timesheet only include the 25% casual loading - they do not include all on-costs.

How many timesheets can an employee see?

The staff member will be able to see and enter timesheet details for the current pay period, and the previous pay period.

How does an academic casual record attendance for more than one course?

A casual academic will have a timesheet for each Employee ID/Record combination.

If a casual academic teaches more than one course under the same Employee ID/Record combination, they will see each course listed in the same timesheet.

Where can I find more information?

Further information can be found on the Timesheet Training resources web page.

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