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The University's online self-service system is called Finance Self Service which is used for employees, students and VaHas to manage your finance transactions.

Changes to Expense Reimbursement claims.

From Friday 6 October, there will be a change in how expense reimbursement claims will be processed for individuals with university IDs.  This includes all staff and students, as well as VaHAs.

What is changing?

For all individuals with university IDs, you will no longer be required to download and complete a manual form for expense reimbursement.  Instead, expense reimbursement claims are moving to a self-service automated portal, where the user can complete the claim details online and submit to the appropriate financial delegate for approval.

Why is it changing?

This new process will be more efficient, removing the need for manual form downloads and completion, as well as avoiding duplicate data entry.  This will ultimately result in a quicker reimbursement timeframe.  One of the biggest advantages of the new process will be the ability for users to check the progress of their claim.  The new process will be managed entirely through a process that works with the University’s ES Financials system.

When is it changing?

The new self-service portal will be live from Friday 6 October 2023.  All expense reimbursements from this time will need to be submitted through the portal.

The current process will continue until 8pm Thursday 5 October 2023.  Please ensure any outstanding claims are submitted to Accounts Payable ( by 8pm Thursday 5 October 2023.  Manual expense reimbursement claims submitted beyond this date will not be processed through invoice workflow; you will receive an email prompting you to the portal.

What do I need to do?

Expense reimbursements will continue to be offered by the university.  What is changing is the method in which these reimbursements are approved and processed.

Should you wish to utilise the existing process before the new portal is live, please complete the manual form and submit to Accounts Payable invoice workflow no later than 8pm Thursday 5 October 2023 for processing.

From 6 October 2023, each individual will be required to submit their own expense reimbursement claims in the self-service portal, which will then be submitted to the appropriate financial delegate for approval.  Access to the portal will utilise ANU’s single sign-on (SSO) capability.

Note for financial delegates: approval of expense reimbursement claims from 6 October 2023 will require ES Financials access.  If you are currently a financial delegate and do not have ES Financials access, please refer here for access details.

What is not changing?

For reimbursements to individuals without a university ID, such as non-VaHA visiting academics or other such visitors, a manual process will be available.  This will only be available to those individuals without a university ID.

Should you have any queries regarding the new portal and process, please contact

Finance Self Service Reimbursement FAQ

Security notice

If you logged in via Single Sign-On, your browser or desktop may still be logged in to the Single Sign-On system. To completely log out you should close all browser windows.

To maintain security when using Single Sign-On and to ensure privacy of your information be sure to lock your computer or log off before walking away to prevent another user using your credentials.

Access or use of this system for purposes not specified by The Australian National University policy is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.

Logon credentials

Your logon credentials for Finance Self Service via a desktop are:

  • User Name: your ANU ID (eg. U7654321)
  • Password: your HORUS/ISIS/Wattle password


Desktop Logon issues

If you are experiencing issues logging on via your desktop please clear your web-browser cache.  Instructions for clearing your cache can be found below:

Browser Instructions


Password Change

You can change your password via Identity Manager. Login, click on 'Manage my account', and then select the 'Change password' tab. Type in your new password and confirm.

Assistance with Finance Self Service

The Finance Systems team within Finance and Business Services is responsible for the University's Financial Management Systems, including ES Financials, Finance Self Service, Concur and OneStop Receipting.

Call the Finance Systems team on

6125 4321 (option 2, 2, 3, 1) or
x54321 (option 2, 2, 3, 1)

Email the help desk

Log a job via the web

If you have a problem with ES Financials/OneStop Receipting you can log a job online at Service Desk.