Print quota

Students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff are allocated a print quota to subsidise their print, copy and scanning costs. Print quotas are linked to your ANU ID card.

Your print quota is $44, which is the equivalent of 400 A4 single-sided, black-and-white pages, and is allocated in the first week of January and July each year. Please note there is no carry-over of your quota between semesters and subsidies may change from year to year, based on the cost of this service.

PhD students or researchers with affiliate accounts are not provided with a quota. If you do not have a quota you can log a request with the IT Service Desk and this will be investigated.

Printing, copying and scanning costs

Paper type Cost per page
Black and white (A4) $0.11
Black and white (A4) duplex $0.154
Black and white (A3) $0.22
Black and white (A3) duplex $0.308
Colour (A4) $0.22
Colour (A4) duplex $0.374
Colour (A3) $0.44
Colour (A3) duplex $0.748
Scanning $0.02


Using a Recharge pre-paid voucher

  1. Press Pri.ID
  2. Enter voucher serial number, then OK
  3. Press PIN
  4. Enter a 4 digit PIN or new pin if asked, press OK, then OK again
  5. Press Scan/Fax
  6. Press Email
  7. Enter your ANU email address, and then press OK

To scan a single page document

  • Open the MFD lid and place the item you wish to scan face-down on the glass
  • Press Start
  • The file will automatically scan and send to your email address

To scan multiple pages to the same file

  • Open the MFD lid and place the item you wish to scan face-down on the glass
  • Press Application then Separate Scan
  • Press Close
  • Press Start to scan each page
  1. Press Finish then Start to end scanning and send the file to your ANU email address
  2. Press Log Off/Access

Only ANU email addresses-eg or supported for scanning. Scans sent or forwarded to non-ANU email addresses are done at users risk as refunds will not be considered.