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Use Microsoft Office at home?

Current ANU staff members and students are entitled to download a free copy of Microsoft Office for their home PC or Laptop. Once the member leaves the University, the software will automatically deactivate. As this is a self-service install, you will not need to log a request to IT for approval or for an authentication code.

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Access your email via a mobile device?

The University uses Office 365 which is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices. Numerous configuration instructions have been written for mutliple devices. 

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Update my telephone directory entry?

You can update your ANU telephone directory published via the ANU Web by logging a job via the Service Desk with all of the required information.


Log onto ANU Secure Wireless network with my device?

ANU staff members and students are encouraged to use the secure wireless internet network: ANU Secure to access the campus network and Internet.  Please be aware of the University policy while using the network. Most devices and platforms will be able to access the network. To use you will need your Uni ID and password, sometimes additional software may need to be installed.  


Report a Phishing Email?

If you receive an email that you believe is a phishing email (asking for sensitive information or masquerading as a trustworthy source), then please report this to Service Desk.

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Install Anti-Virus software at home?

Current ANU staff members and students are entitled to install a free copy of Sophos Anti-virus software for their home PC or Laptop, this will protect it from virus intrusion. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux/Unix. This is a self-service installation.

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Change my ANU Login password?

If you require to change or reset the password for your ANU Account (eg u1234567), please navigate to Identity Manager.  This site requires you to know your current password, or if you had previously set up your authentication/challenge questions for self-service. 

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Place a Standardised Order?

With estimates of 12,000 desktop and laptop computers, the University has a considerable asset base. To allow flexibility for staff and students while still maintaining a degree of consistency across the campus, the University has developed a list of end user hardware computing standards. These standards are not meant to fulfil every computing requirement, but to cater for the majority of staff and students everyday computing needs.  Orders can be placed with the Service Desk.


Report an IT Security incident?

If you suspect any breaches or incidents of IT security, then please follow the link provided for more information on how to, and what information is required to report the incident. 

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How do I log onto Eduroam? 

Eduroam is a wireless network that allows visiting students, staff and academics to connect to a participating university's wireless network using their home university login details. If you are an ANU staff or student and on campus, use ANU Secure.

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