Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. What is the ANYOU Staff Engagement Survey?

The ANYOU survey is coordinated by the People and Culture Division. It measures employee engagement by asking participants to rate their experience against a series of questions in categories such as leadership, management, teamwork, wellbeing and learning and development.

This type of survey last took place at ANU in 2018 using the Voice Project.

2. Who is administering the survey?

The survey is administered by the People and Culture Division using an external online platform called Culture Amp.

3. What is the point of this survey?

As part of the 2025 strategic plan, ANU is committed to having a positive, inclusive and collegial workplace culture. One way to measure the University’s culture is through an engagement survey.

The ANYOU Survey will allow us to:

  • Measure current staff engagement and identify drivers for improvement
  • Give staff a voice to provide confidential feedback directly to the organisation
  • Establish a baseline and identify areas to drive improved staff experience across the University
  • Take meaningful action

Higher employee engagement is associated with increased productivity, reduced turnover and absenteeism, as well as happier and healthier staff.

4. Who can complete the survey?

ANU staff employed on or before 14 February 2023 in continuing, fixed-term and continuing contingent-funded positions are being invited to complete the survey, as well as actively-employed casual staff.

*Includes casual staff who have submitted a timesheet in 2023, and casual sessional academics engaged for Semester 2 2022 and Semester 1 2023.

5. Is this survey confidential?

Responses to this survey are confidential and no one at ANU will see individual responses.

Engagement survey project team members from the People & Culture Division and the College/Portfolio HR teams will have access to view aggregated results and produce reports. Local College/Portfolio leadership teams (Deans, DVCs, General Managers and School Directors) will have access to aggregated results for their College/Portfolio or School/Centre/Division.

No staff at ANU will be able to view results for sample sizes of less than 10 people.

6. Will my supervisor/manager see my answers?

Your supervisor/manager will not be able to individually identify your responses. Appropriate steps have been taken to ensure that individual respondents cannot be identified in reporting (eg qualitative responses will be de-identified where necessary, no quantitative reporting will be available for sample sizes of less than 10 people).

7. How do I access the survey?

You log in to complete the survey using single sign-on, via a link which will be emailed to all staff or a QR code which will feature on posters and Xibo screens at locations around the University.

8. How long will I have to complete the survey?

The survey will be open from Tuesday 14 March to Tuesday 28 March 2023.

9. How long will the survey take?

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete.

10. How do I answer the questions?

For the majority of questions, you will be asked to rate your level of agreement with a statement. You also have the option to provide comments to expand upon the rating given.

There are also a small number of free text questions which ask for your views on particular topics.

11. Can I skip questions?

Yes you can skip questions, however we would ask that you try to answer all questions to make the feedback more meaningful.

12. I recently moved teams/departments, should I answer based on my previous or current team?

Answer the questions based on your current team. If you wish to give specific feedback about your previous team, this can be done using the open comments.

13. Why should I complete the survey?

This survey is your opportunity to have your say and contribute to your future ANU. The more staff who complete the survey, the more representative the feedback, and the better we will understand where ANU is now and where we can take action to improve.

14. Is this survey mandatory?

Although the survey is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged to ensure that we have a clear understanding of where ANU is now and where we can take action to improve.

15. Do I have to complete the survey in one go or can I save progress and return later?

You can save progress and return to complete the survey later.

16. How is ANU data used in the platform?

Staff data (including name, UID number and email address) is used to provide individual access to the Culture Amp platform for the duration of its use by the University. This data is uploaded by staff in the People & Culture Division.

In addition to the engagement survey, Culture Amp offers access to a range of other surveys, such as inclusion, wellbeing, on-boarding and exit surveys. It also provides resources which support leaders to take action in response to survey feedback. These features will also be used by the University.


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