Responsibilities of the Chair

The Chair has the overall responsibility for coordinating the selection process. This might be done with local or central Human Resource assistance.

Who should be the Chair?

The Chair of the selection committee will typically be the supervisor of the position, the College Head/ General Manager/ Manager/ Head of Academic Organisational Unit (AOU)/ or Director.


  • Overseeing the process so that it is professional, transparent, timely and in keeping with the University's fundamental recruitment approach.
  • Making sure that the selection process is free from unlawful discrimination, and that any issues that may arise are dealt with in an appropriate and confidential manner.
  • Coordinating the development and consolidation of the position and selection documentation.
  • Ensuring that the proceedings at short listing and the interviews are properly conducted and in accordance with University procedures.
  • Ensuring that all members of the committee participate fully in the selection process.
  • Determining, in consultation with the selection committee the methodology to be used in rating applicants against the selection criteria.
  • Coordinating the formulation of questions based on the selection criteria.
  • Providing a report and recommendation (if not unanimous this may include a dissenting report), for the delegates decision.
  • Providing appropriate feedback to applicants.
  • Communicating with the preferred candidate after delegate approval or endorsement has been given and before a formal offer is made.
  • Fulfilling the following administrative requirements of the process (HR or administrative support may be provided for these activities):
    • sending unsuccessful letters to applicants that have not been short-listed
    • organising and scheduling interviews and other aspects of the selection process
    • distributing copies of all applications to members of the Selection Committee (or sub-committee) prior to the short-listing meeting
    • obtaining and recording referee reports
    • advising all applicants of the result of their application eg interviewed and not recommended.
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