Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies and consultants can bring a high level of expertise to the task of finding the best person for a vacancy. These organisations can assist in attracting candidates, either by using their existing databases of personnel or by advertising under their banner in areas for which they specialise.

Recruiting areas can be relieved of undertaking a considerable amount of administrative/organisational work, as the recruitment company will provide resources to concentrate on the recruitment task.

The responsibility for making the final selection recommendation will always be with a selection committee and the decision to appoint will also remain with the University delegated authority.

Services provided

In summary, recruitment agencies and consultants may provide the following services:

  • executive search (head hunting potential high calibre candidates)
  • participation in the selection process
  • conducting specialist recruitment
  • advertisement design and placement
  • assistance with the preparation of selection documentation
  • handle initial enquiries and acknowledge applications
  • short list applications and conduct first round interviews
  • conduct verbal reference checks and skills tests
  • present short listed applicants for further consideration
  • organise interviews with the short listed applicants
  • assist with negotiations and advise unsuccessful applicants of the outcome.

Indicative charges

Charges will vary considerably depending on the agency chosen and the level of support required.

Agencies will probably seek to charge between 10 and 18% (plus GST) of the remuneration package (including base salary and all other benefits and allowances including non-contributory superannuation, bonuses, motor vehicles etc). These fees are usually exclusive of advertising and travel expenses. Charges for executive searches may be higher.

Engaging a recruitment agency

Reasons for considering the engagement of a recruitment agency might include:

  • the University's advertising and short listing procedure has failed to produce an acceptable short list of applicants
  • to utilise specialist recruitment knowledge and experience to identify potential quality applicants for senior or highly specialised appointments
  • to outsource time-consuming aspects of the process such as short listing.

Prior to engaging a recruitment agency, please speak to your local HR representative.

It is the responsibility of the area engaging the agency or consultant to ensure the whole process is conducted in accordance with ANU policy and procedures for recruitment, selection and appointment.

The recruiting area must therefore ensure:

  • the relevant University delegate approves the recruitment of the position, the use of the agency and the associated documentation
  • the vacancy is posted on the external jobs web page
  • a recruitment file is established
  • the recruitment agency provides a report on all applicants not short-listed against the criteria
  • the relevant university delegate approves the appointment.

The Recruitment and Appointments Branch can assist you in selecting an appropriate agency, the level of service and support to request and determining the fees and conditions.

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