Expression of Interest (EOI)

The internal advertising process and Expression of Interest (EOI) process is designed to encourage currently employed ANU staff to apply for advertised vacancies.

The EOI process is less complex and time consuming than standard recruitment and does not necessarily require interviews or full written applications.

Key features

The key features of an expression of interest are:

  • simultaneous notification of vacancy to staff seeking redeployment and placement of advertisement on ANU web (ie 48 hour hold process does not apply)
  • an EOI may be filled by a redeployee at any time
  • minimum of five working days for internal advertising
  • written applications are limited to a current CV and brief summary of claims (eg one A4 page)
  • can be used for temporary and continuing appointments.

An EOI is appropriate for internally advertised positions as it can only attract candidates who have demonstrated their capacity to perform in ANU context.

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