Injury prevention advice

The Work Health and Safety Branch provides injury prevention advice and services aimed at keeping ANU staff well in the workplace. Services include:

  • Best practice advice on workstation set up, laboratory ergonomics, office chair recommendations and laptop usage;
  • Manual task hazard management training and advice; and
  • New furniture fit-outs and refurbishment recommendations.

Ensuring your workstation is suitably adjusted to support good working posture is an essential part of reducing the risk of injury. The Office Ergonomics Essentials course has been created by WEG to provide office based staff with general information about safety in an office environment and to provide information about safe and ergonomic workstations. The course is delivered through Pulse and can be completed at your workstation at a time convenient to you. A self-assessment of your workstation should be done at commencement of employment, after desk relocation and at the onset of any symptoms of injury.

The University does not provide individual or one-on-one workstation assessments by a health professional unless staff have lodged an incident report through Figtree for a workplace injury.

If you would like additional advice upon completion of the Pulse module, you may like to seek the input of your local Occupational Strains Liaison Officer (OSLO). OSLOs are trained volunteers working within Colleges and Divisions, and they assess workstation set-ups for staff and HDR students and provide general advice on ergonomics issues when requested. If you don’t have a local OSLO, please email for advice.

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