WHS Management System Handbook

The Handbook is created to provide a practical guide for implementing the University Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) and for people (both management and workers) with health and safety responsibilities to meet the WHSMS requirements.

The Handbook supports and supplement the University WHS Policy and relevant WHSMS procedures. The Handbook is divided into Elements and Chapters as shown below.

WHSMS Handbook

Element 1 Policy

Element 2 Planning

Element 3 Implementation

3.1 Hazard Management 3.13 Noise and Lighting Safety Management
3.2 WHS Inductions, Training and Supervision 3.14 Event and Function Safety Management (For consultation)
3.3 WHS Local Training Plan 3.15 Psychosocial Risk Management
3.4 First Aid 3.16 Incident and Hazard Reporting
3.5 Emergency Safety Management (Consultation Ended) 3.17 Raising and Resolving WHS Issues and Managing Complaints
3.6 Contractor Safety Management 3.18 Change Process in WHS Context (Consultation Ended)
3.7 Chemical Safety Management 3.19 Manage Safety of Facilities and Amenities
3.8 Biological Safety Management 3.20 WHS Committees and Representatives
3.9 Radiation Safety Management 3.21 Boating and Diving Safety Management
3.10 Plant Safety Management 3.22 Drone Safety Management
3.11 Manual Handling and Ergonomics Safety Management 3.23 Engineered Nanomaterials Safety Management
3.12 Off Campus and High Risk Travel Safety Management  

Element 4 Measurement and Evaluation

Element 5 Management Review

5.1 WHSMS Management Review
5.2 WHS Document Control and Record Management
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