58. Union and staff representatives


58.1. The University recognises the important contribution that union and staff representatives make to employment relations within the University. Training and support will be provided to those staff who fulfil this role, and they will be given adequate paid time away from their normal role/s to act as a union or staff representative.

58.2. The University recognises a staff member’s right to be or not to be a member of and to be represented by a union, and for a staff member to be represented by a representative of their choice as provided by this Agreement.

58.3. The University recognises a staff member’s right to communicate with their colleagues in relation to union business, including via University communication systems.

58.4. Where reference is made to the right of any staff member to choose to be represented or accompanied in any discussion or other matter under this Agreement, this does not include representation by legal practitioners except in relation to actual proceedings initiated in external tribunals.

58.5. Each union will be given the opportunity to provide material for distribution by the University through its digital bulletins, which the University will distribute to staff at least two times a year.

    Time release arrangements for union and staff representatives

    58.6. The University will provide reasonable time release arrangements for University staff who are union representatives to attend to recognised union business, including:

      1. meeting with union members and/or the University’s representatives on matters affecting staff members (including grievances and workplace issues);
      2. representing staff members on committees to which they are officially elected or appointed; and
      3. attending meetings of union bodies.

      58.7. A union or staff representative may be granted reasonable time release to undertake training or attend authorised union conferences, subject to provision of reasonable notice and the operating requirements of the University.

      58.8. The University will provide the NTEU ANU Branch President with 40% time release per week to enable them to perform their union-related duties.

      58.9. Time release will be paid at the staff member’s ordinary pay, excluding shift and overtime payments.

        Implementation Committee

        58.10. The parties recognise their shared interests in the implementation of this Agreement. To facilitate effective implementation of the Agreement, an Implementation Committee will meet once per quarter at a minimum, and may meet more frequently by agreement.

        58.11. The Implementation Committee will consist of up to four representatives of the University, and up to four representatives of each union covered by this Agreement.

        58.12. The Implementation Committee will consult on any matter pertaining to the implementation of the Agreement raised by the University or a union. The University will provide all relevant information on matters for which consultation is requested, other than information which is subject to privacy legislation, legal privilege or is commercial-in-confidence.

          Staff inductions

          58.13. Each union covered by this Agreement will be informed of all formal induction sessions for new staff, will be given the opportunity to make a 5-minute presentation, and will be permitted to distribute union information at those sessions.

          58.14. Each union will be given the opportunity to provide material for digital onboarding, which the University will include in material provided to staff upon commencement.

          58.15. Over the life of the Agreement, the University will implement a system to provide, on a monthly basis, to the relevant unions who are party to this Agreement, the name, work contact details, position and work area of new staff members at the University, provided that the staff member has opted to be contacted by a union.


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