23. Incremental salary progression

23.1.  Incremental progression through the salary structure within a classification requires the staff member’s acquisition of new skills, experience, knowledge and satisfactory performance as agreed through the performance and development process. Supervisors will provide reasonable assistance and opportunity to staff members to achieve salary progression.

23.2.  A staff member is eligible to be paid at the next salary step within the relevant level on the anniversary of commencement, subject to:

  1. 12 months’ continuous service in the case of annual increments (excluding leave without pay); or
  2. 24 months’ continuous service in the case of the biennial increments in clause 23.4 (excluding leave without pay).

23.3.  An increment will only be withheld in accordance with clauses 72, 73 and 74 (Disciplinary action).

23.4.  Incremental progression will be biennial for all academic staff and professional staff at ANU Officer Level 6 and above.

23.5.  Casual staff are not entitled to incremental progression but a CSA Experience payment under Schedule 2.4 (casual sessional rates of pay) may be payable.

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