Travel Approval eForm FAQ

Travel Approval and e-form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ section contains frequently asked questions that have been collated throughout the maintenance and service of the travel approval forms.

General questions

1. Do I need to fill out a Travel Form?

All University staff, students (excluding students requiring travel on student exchange programs), and persons of interest travelling to undertake business on behalf of the University, must complete travel requests through the University Travel Approval process.

Please refer to the Travel Policy.

2. How do I amend/cancel a Travel Form that has been submitted for approval?

The "Recall an Active Form" function allows a traveller to retrieve a form and make changes or cancel it.

  1. Select "Recall an Active Form" in the utilities section
  2. Form Type: Travel Approval
  3. Active Form: Select the form that requires amendments
  4. Complete 'Reason for Change' field and press 'Start Form Amendment' button.
  5. An Email is sent out to the current assignee and the form is now reassigned back to you for amendments

Once the form is recalled, you can view the form under the "Forms Assigned to Me" section. Select the drop-down button next to the form to cancel it or you select the form and make the required changes.

For detailed instructions on Recall an Active Form, please refer Travel Approval Form Tips & Techniques.

3. Can I cancel my approved Travel Form?

Yes, select the approved form under "Forms Assigned to Me" section. You will see two options on the approved form. Select the second option "I would like to cancel my approved travel request” and provide a cancellation reason.

Cancelled travel forms cannot be reinstated. An email will be sent to all delegates notifying them of the cancellation.

4. How do I check the progress of my submitted Travel Form?

You can check the approval progress and current assignee by clicking on the “Form Activity” link at the top of ANU eForm home page. You can view the history of the form by clicking on the history icon.

5. My delegate/supervisor is away.  How do I get my travel form reassigned?

Recall the form and re-submit it  (refer Travel Approval Form Tips & Techniques for recalling an active form).  If you are not able to see the new delegate/supervisor contact for assistance.

6. How do I copy a previously submitted Travel Form?

Select "Travel Approval - Copy Previous Approval" in the ANU eForm Utilities section. Under the selection drop-down list you can choose a previous form to copy.

For detailed instructions on Copy Previous Approval Form, please refer Travel Approval Form Tips & Techniques.

7. I was paid a cash advance/per diem BUT never travelled?

You will need to cancel the approved form and contact Financial Shared Services to repay the cash advance/per-diem.

8. How is my travel per-diem calculated? When will it be paid?

Travellers may receive a modest per-diem payment to cover meals and incidentals for travel to destinations which operate largely under a "cash economy". The requested per-diem must be approved in advance and not greater than 50% of the amount determined as a ‘reasonable daily food and drink and incidentals allowance’ by the Australian Taxation Office. Per-diem payments are only available for work related travel. Once the travel form has been approved by supervisor and delegate(s), the completed form is automatically sent to Financial Shared Services for processing. Per-diem payments are usually paid 5 days prior to the start date of the trip.

9. What if my trip contains private travel?

Your trip may have Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) consequences if it involves private travel, refer to the table below:

Travel Type Trip Length Private Component
Domestic > 7 Days > 40% 
International All trips > 40%

 An estimate on how much you need to contribute is calculated on the Pre Travel FBT Estimation page of the Travel Approval Form.

10. How do I seek reimbursement for my out of pocket travel expenses?

All people with a University ID will have to submit their expense reimbursement requests via Finance Self Service.

In situations where you do not have a University ID and there is an agreement that your expenses will be reimbursed, you will be able to complete a 'Reimbursement Request for Visitors Form'. Once completed, this can then be submitted along with your receipts / tax invoices to for processing and payment.

11. Is my travel covered by ANU insurance?

All staff/students and persons of interest, including outgoing exchange students, travelling on University business (regardless of the sources of funding) are covered by the university's corporate travel insurance policy. This policy covers domestic travel up to 180 days per trip and overseas travel up to 365 days per trip. Please refer Travel Policy for details.

12. How do I select Australia within a travel segment?

Within your travel segment please enter the following details:

Destination International
Destination Country Other/Not Listed
Specify Country Australia