Travel Approval eForm

Business owner: Finance & Business Services

The Travel Approval process is completed by the traveller by accessing the Travel Approval eForm portal using their University ID and password using the login button to the right.

Access off Campus

The Travel Approval process uses a web based system and can be accessed anywhere an internet connection can be established. It is mobile device ready.

Should there be any connection problems it might be necessary to first connect to the ANU Virtual Private Network (VPN) before accessing the eForms. 

Getting help & assistance

Help Desk:
  • The Travel Approval Support Team are located within Finance and Business Services
  • Travel Approval help desk phone: 54321,option 2 (central), option 2, option 6 (travel approval)

Send Feedback and Improvement suggestions to

PPM Help Desk provides support regarding Travel Approval Reports, for assistance or to receive Travel Approval Reports send an email to