Mr Vikas Sharma

Engagement and Impact Coordinator
School of Cybernetics
ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics
Types of mentoring: 

I believe mentoring is important because it may be the only missing piece to one’s professional, personal and/or psychological growth and wellbeing.

Vikas (pronounced V Caas) Sharma is an Engagement Coordinator at the School of Cybernetics. Vikas’ initial exposure as a technology implementation engineer during the internet broadband revolution phase in India piqued his interest in how it could shape future possibilities. This gave way to a career re-orientation in the burgeoning sphere of creative communication and a degree in business administration. He embarked on a new journey as a communications professional with an Advertising agency, and later with leading Public Relations consultancies where he learnt the nuances of communications and content creation. In the past many years, he has worked with international marketing and corporate communications teams to design and deliver many integrated marketing campaigns. Not a novice to roles that involve incubation, Vikas was part of a core team behind an EdTech start-up that helped create a category of carefully curated 21st century learning solutions organisation. It is aimed at bridging the gap between in-school and at-home learning. Vikas is well-versed in understanding business objectives and managing high stake relationships with ease. Always eager to learn, he loves liaising with different stakeholders using a client-centric approach to identify solutions and forge new approaches through collaboration. His love for storytelling and entertainment has led to a community radio show that seamlessly blends music, information and current and relevant issues. He regularly creates and shares audio-visual content on various social media platforms to amplify the show’s reach and create awareness.

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