Heritage management plans

A Heritage Management Plan (HMP) is a document that sets out the heritage values of a place and details the appropriate policies to manage it, so that its values are retained for future use and appreciation. ANU is required by Section 324S of the EPBC Act to prepare management plans for all places under its ownership or control which are listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List (CHL). Following their development, HMPs should be endorsed under the EPBC Act by the Minister for the Environment.

While management arrangements are tailored to a particular place, generally, a management plan will:

  • Outline the history of the place;
  • Provide a detailed description of the place;
  • Outline the heritage values of the place;
  • Identify the constraints and opportunities relevant to the place;
  • Identify management policies and strategies for implementation.

ANU has completed management plans for several of its CHL registered properties, and is in the process of completing several more. ANU will continue to update these plans in line with the requirements of the EPBC Act.