NARU units


Booking procedure

When booking facility use, including accommodation, ANU researchers must provide a budget code in writing from a person with the appropriate ANU financial delegation to incur the expenditure and services to ANU Apartments. Please note that the final arrangements will not be confirmed by ANU Apartments without a budget code being provided.

Non-ANU researchers when booking facility use, including accommodation, will be requested to provide credit card details to ANU Apartments. Final arrangements will not be confirmed by ANU Apartments without credit card information being provided.

Research application

  1. A research application is required to be provided to NARU for consideration under the following circumstances
    1. Groups of seven or more people wish to use facilities, whether in respect of accommodation, office space, field equipment, the seminar room or otherwise;
    2. The duration of research at NARU is 14 days or longer; or
    3. For use of the seminar room outside of the standard hours specified.
  2. Notwithstanding the above mentioned terms, staff and researchers of the Australian Institute of Marine Science can book and access NARU accommodation and the seminar room without submitting a research application. For access to other facilities, the terms apply.
  3. Where a research application is to be submitted, it is to be submitted 10 working days in advance, to enable the NARU Academic Advisory Committee time to access the application and its impacts on campus resources, and to facilitate NARU staff in providing effective service.
  4. Applicants are required to use the research application guidelines (see below) when submitting an application. It is essential that applicants identify the period of time required, relevant dates and any facility requirements, including in respect of accommodation, office space, field equipment or the seminar room.


These guidelines provide information on how to make an application for research space and associated services at NARU.

Applications are sought and received on an ongoing basis and reviewed regularly by the NARU Management Committee. Applications can be submitted at any time, applicants should contact NARU to register their intention to apply and check for any amendments to these guidelines.

Applications must be in the form of a single electronic document in either .doc or .pdf format and submitted to: The application document is to be formatted with the section headings below and section content as described.


Provide details of applicant, including name, organisation, academic qualifications and full contact details.  For large research projects provide the title of the project, chief researcher’s details and number of team members.

Research project

Provide details of the research to be undertaken at NARU. This section should identify: the significance of the research; how the applicant is affiliated with the ANU; detail the requirement for the research to be based at NARU; how the research is funded; supervision of research and the benefits to the communities of northern Australia from this research.


Provide details of the services being requested at NARU. Please visit the Facilities page for a full list of available resources.


This section provides applicants the opportunity to detail any contribution they can or wish to make to the academic community at NARU e.g. seminar.


Provide concise commencement and completion dates for the research project. For projects that may run over a number of years provide project and funding review dates.