NARU Research space application

Applications are sought and received on an ongoing basis and reviewed regularly by the NARU Academic Committee.  Applications can be submitted at any time and applicants should contact NARU to register their intention.

Approved applicants would be allocated a single desk space in a shared two desk office, if access is from between 25 – 30 hours per week on average, applicants who require a desk on casual bases (less than 25 hours per week) would be allocated a hot desk, on a time share bases with other researchers, by booking the required amount of time in advance with campus administration staff.

You must indicate in your application the average number of hours per week that you would require access to a desk space.
Applicant details
Provide details of applicant, including name, organisation, academic qualifications and full contact details. For large research projects provide the title of the project, chief researcher’s details and number of team members.
Research project
Provide details of the research to be undertaken at NARU. This section should identify: the significance of the research; if the applicant has an affiliation with the ANU; detail the requirement for the research to be based at NARU; how the research is funded; PhD candidates seeking to use office space in Darwin on a long term basis must provide written support from their Supervisors.
Supervisory support
Written approval from the applicants Supervisor(s) must be appended to the application, if you research is self-funded please write in the below filed (self-funded).
Provide concise commencement and completion dates for the research project. For projects that may run over a number of years provide project and funding review dates
Payment details
ANU Researchers must provide a budget code. Non-ANU Researchers must provide full details on where invoices should be directed, including approval from Supervisors and/or Finance staff.

Please download the Direct Debit Request form (DOCX, 85KB) and send in a scanned copy of the completed form to Please note that direct debt arrangements are unable to be made with other parties on behalf of the applicant.

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