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The Northern Territory is prone to tropical cyclones from November to May. The cyclone season officially commences on 1 November and ends on 30 April, although cyclonic events have been known to occur outside this period.

In the event you are staying at NARU during a cyclone watch or warning, information and instructions about what to do are provided in all accommodation units. In the Accommodation Guide (PDF, 929.25 KB) you will find a guide to emergency procedures, shelters and contacts.

In addition we provide the essential elements of a personal emergency kit such as radio, torch, water containers, and a first aid kit, as well as instructions to follow should evacuation from NARU be necessary.

Please be assured that we liaise with all our guests well in advance of the arrival of dangerous winds and offer all the assistance we can.

As part of our preparations for the cyclone season, it is also important that all visitors to NARU are aware of personal safety, and advise it is necessary for them to have at least one item of warm, waterproof protective clothing and a pair of sturdy shoes among their personal possessions.

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