Records Management Training

The University Records team has increased the number training options available to ANU staff on record keeping and management. Please read the below to find the training and resources that best suit your needs.


Introduction to Records Management at ANU

All ANU staff are encouraged to undertake training on Records Management at ANU through Pulse.

This online, self-paced module provides general information about University records and records management practices at ANU.


Record Keeping, Freedom of Information & Privacy training

This training module introduces ANU staff to the University’s practices for data governance, principles of good records management, Freedom of Information (FOI), and privacy. Staff can enrol via HORUS for this course.


ANU Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)

The ERMS system is a central repository for the University’s records.

To arrange ERMS training and refresher courses for individuals or groups visit the training page or email


Cyber, Data Governance, and the Foreign Arrangement Scheme  

From 2023, University Records has teamed up with the ANU Information Security Office and the ANU Foreign Interference Operational Committee (FIOC) to present a session on the Cyber, Data Governance, and the Foreign Arrangement Scheme. This session is open to any ANU staff. You can register through the training calendar in HORUS.

Note: all new staff who register for the New Staff Welcome will receive an invitation to register for a ‘Cyber Sense - Information Session’. 


Records Management SharePoint site

All staff have access to the Records Management SharePoint site. The site hosts a wealth of information to answer records management queries and support good records management practice. Resources include ERMS video tutorials, best practice guides, ERMS support materials, relevant ANU policies and more.



All ANU staff and students can access a free, self-paced online ANU Privacy Awareness Training module via Pulse. Tailored privacy presentations or information sessions can be arranged by contacting the Privacy Officer.


Freedom of Information

More training options on Freedom of Information will be coming later this year. In the interim please see the Freedom of Information page or reach out to for more information. 

If you receive an FOI request and it is not from please contact us.


General Record Keeping Support

The University Records team offers additional records management training and support for your local area needs, including:  

  • tailored records management presentations 
  • assistance with reviewing records management practices in new or existing business processes  
  • access, identification, retrieval, and retention of digital and paper records  
  • tailored training sessions for ERMS general users and Power Users  
  • integration of local business area SharePoint to ERMS.

For any record keeping queries please email


Research Data Management

Research Data Management training is run by the SIS Digital Scholarship Team in collaboration with the Digital Literacy Team. The workshop provides an introduction to research data management, explaining what digital research data is and why it needs to be managed. Issues relating to data are explained and various methods for solving problems with software tools and ANU services are described.

There is also a wealth of materials to assist with Research Data Management including resources about:

There is also a Library Guide on Research Data Management detailing what research data management entails and resources to help you manage your data effectively.


Tools for Research Data Management

The DMPTool is an easy way to manage your research data plan from start to finish. A Data Management Plan (DMP) is essential to ensure that your data is collected, collated, presented, and made available for reuse in an accurate way that protects the data’s integrity and adheres to principles of best research practice. The DMPTool is a program that helps you plan how to manage the data associated with your research.

Find out more about the DMPTool in the Library Guide or watch our DMPTool tutorial videos.