ERMS training

To assist you in using ERMS and managing your records, training together with procedures and reference guides are available. There is also a demonstration video (3 minutes) to give you a feel for what it's like to upload and search for documents

Online ERMS user training

ERMS user training is now available through the University's Online Learning System: Pulse

ERMS training comprises 3 online modules: 

  1. ERMS Fundamentals (compulsory)
  2. ERMS Web (compulsory)
  3. ERMS Desktop Integration Suite (DIS) for those with DIS on their PC (Windows based program)

ERMS users using Macintosh or Linux do not need to complete the 3rd module.

In addition, it is important to download the ERMS User Reference Guide (PDF, 3.46MB) which provides step by step instructions for using ERMS.

Face-to-face ERMS user training

If required, one-on-one and small group training sessions can be arranged for ERMS Power Users.