School reviews

ANU has a long history of academic excellence. Five-yearly independent reviews of academic schools and departments have been introduced to ensure continuous improvement in the quality of our research and teaching, underpinned by efficient and effective services.

The purpose of school reviews is to undertake an independent evidenced-based assessment to ensure the school’s activities contribute effectively to achieving the University’s Strategic Plan, recognise areas of excellence, and to identify opportunities and make recommendations on areas for improvement.

The tables below provide hyperlinks to and descriptions of a range of documents and a procedure to support schools through the review process:

Pre review

Document/Procedure Description
School review - process and timeline (PDF, 48 KB) Outlines when different stages of the review process should occur. The initial steps should be kicked-off seven to nine months prior to the on-site visit of the review panel and will continue through to reporting on the implementation plan 12 months following.
School review - role statements (PDF, 79 KB) A summary of the roles and responsibilities of each of the key roles in the review process.
School review - guidelines for schools (DOCX, 84 KB) Guidelines on procedures and processes for managing a school review.
School review - terms of reference (DOCX, 61 KB) The standard Terms of Reference to be used as a guide when establishing the requirement for a school’s review.
School review - confidentiality agreement template (DOCX, 70 KB) Template to be used if a confidentiality agreement was not included in panel invitation letters. Panellists are required to sign this confidentiality agreement prior to the start of a school review.
School review - self-evaluation report template (DOCX, 67 KB) Template for a school to complete their self-evaluation which will be provided to the panel.
School review - conflict of interest template (DOCX, 60 KB) Template for panel members to complete if declaring a conflict of interest.
School review - call for submissions template (DOCX, 66 KB) Template for a school director to invite colleagues and stakeholders to make a written submission to a school review.
School review - guidelines for panel members (PDF, 102 KB) Guidelines to assist panel member in the preparation for, and conduct of, the review.
School review - information for students meeting review panels (PDF, 101 KB) Brief overview of the review process for students meeting with Review Panels and what they can expect during the meeting.
Procedure: Academic School or Department accreditation The procedure that supports the creation, regular and triggered review of, and disestablishment of schools and departments at ANU.


Document/Procedure Description
School review - site visit schedule template (DOCX, 66 KB) Template for the panel site visit, including recommendation of who the panel should meet during their visit.
School review - panel report template (DOCX, 28 KB) Template for the panel to complete the review report.

Post review

Document/Procedure Description
School review - school response template (DOCX, 61 KB) Template for a school's response to recommendations in the panel review report.
School review - 12 month progress report template (DOCX, 67 KB) Template for the 12 month progress report on a school's response.

ANU review schedule

Document/Procedure Description
School review - schedule (PDF, 71 KB) ANU review schedule 2015 – 2020.

A standard data pack will guide the School’s self-evaluation and be provided to the panel. This data pack should be requested through Supplementary data may be included and should be discussed with Planning and Performance Measurement on +61 2 6125 1231.