Library Advisory Committee

Meeting frequency

Generally twice per annum.


The secretariat will be provided by the Library.

Terms of reference

  • To provide advice to the University Librarian on policies, strategies and priorities in the context of the strategic directions of the University.
  • To provide a mechanism for discussion between Library and Archives users and staff on matters relating to the operation of the Library.
  • To advise the University Librarian on the distribution of the Library materials budget.
  • To consider the financial needs of the Library and to provide relevant advice to the other appropriate bodies.
  • To receive regular reports on the quality and use of the University's scholarly information services and resources and to ensure these are appropriate to academic teaching and research programs.



  • Associate Professor Keturah Whitford, ANU College of Business & Economics


  • Associate Professor Roald Maliangkay, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
  • Dr Lexing Xie, ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Associate Professor Keturah Whitford, ANU College of Business & Economics
  • Roxanne Missingham, Ex officio University Librarian
  • Ben Yates, President, ANU Student Association (ANUSA)
  • Irina Samsonova, ANU Postgraduate and Research Students' Association (PARSA)
  • Cameron Roles, Senior Lecturer, ANU College of Law
  • Dr Rosalie Aroni, Senior Lecturer in Health Science, Medical School, ANU College of Health & Medicine
  • Professor Rosalind Smith, ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Steve Leahy, ANU College of Science


Date & location Agendas Minutes
Tuesday 2 May 2023, 12pm Agenda (PDF, 986.87 KB) Minutes (PDF, 339.26 KB)
Tuesday 6 Dec 2022, 2pm Agenda (PDF, 887.85 KB) Minutes (PDF, 327.52 KB)
Thursday 30 Jun 2022, 3pm Agenda (PDF, 970.58 KB) Minutes (PDF, 331.1 KB)
Monday 11 Apr 2022, 2pm Agenda (PDF, 449.18 KB) Minutes (PDF, 82.47 KB)
Monday 22 Nov 2021, 3pm Agenda (PDF, 852.3 KB) Minutes (PDF, 488.65 KB)
Monday 28 Jun 2021, 2pm Agenda (PDF, 1019.24 KB) Minutes (PDF, 484.17 KB)
Monday 22 Mar 2021, 10am Agenda (PDF, 701.48 KB) Minutes (PDF, 279.56 KB)